Light Camera

It’s impossible not to notice just how advanced the cameras on our smartphones are nowadays but that doesn’t mean to say we shouldn’t also have a more conventional camera in our repertoire as well and whilst there is nothing conventional about the Light Camera, it has definitely got plenty of features to fawn over and has left us thoroughly impressed at Coolector HQ.

The Light Camera is described as a much more compact, high performing camera which is able to pack a punch despite its diminutive frame courtesy of folded optic design which allows it to offer DSLR quality in a surprisingly slim and lightweight frame. Billed as being like having a frame, zoom and three fast prime lenses that is able to fit into your pocket, there are sure to be plenty of photo enthusiasts impressed with the great looking Light Camera.

It boasts 16 individual cameras, 10 of which fire simultaneously which means the Light Camera will capture your image at multiple fixed focal lengths for a striking shot of impeccable quality with up to 52 megapixel resolution. Check out a few more shots of the camera below:



lightcamera 3




Breathtaking design coupled with technological superiority combines to make the Light Camera really stand out from the crowd and the calibre of the images that it is capable of capturing is second to none, something which is made all the more impressive by its minimalist stature. A real eye-opener and great looking bit of kit for anyone serious about their photography.

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