If you’re a regular cyclist then chances are you’ll know that it can be quite gruelling on the arms, particularly when you head out on more bumpy terrains but a great new bike accessory that goes by the name of ShockStop aims to put paid to this.

ShockStop is an adjustable stiffness suspension system that aims to provide a much smoother ride and is described as being the ideal solution for performance cyclists, recreational riders and commuters. This impressive looking construct understands that roads are inherently bumpy and this is invariably transmitted to your arms but the ShockStop mitigates these bumps and makes for a much more comfortable ride.

It works by isolating your upper body from the imperfections in the road and this should let your ride further and faster with less painful arms when you finally dismount. Check out a few more shots of the ShockStop below:

[youtube width=”750″ height=”450″][/youtube]






If you ride your bike a lot and often find that you’ve got sore arms at the end of your ride then you might just find that the ShockStop can alleviate this with its intuitive design. Extremely easy to install and incredibly durable, the ShockStop is ideally suited to all manner of bike types and it’s left us mightily impressed here at Coolector HQ.

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