Light Phone II

It goes without saying that we all pretty much spend altogether too much time on our phones and it’s something that we’re certainly guilty of here at Coolector HQ. With that in mind, investing in the fantastically minimalist Light Phone II might be the ideal solution to the problem. Designed to be functional, pure and simple, with no superfluous bells and whistles, this boils the phone down to what it was first designed for – communication and little else.

If you’ve long been searching for a means of releasing yourself from the shackles of your smartphone, the Light Phone II might be just the thing you’ve been waiting for. This understated tech accessory is purpose built to be used as little as possible – that may sound a strange thing to say about a consumer product but it’s all about increasing our presence for those around us – and you’ll love that you’re no longer spending hours scrolling mindlessly through your phone for no reason other than the fact it’s there.

Leading Light

A phone is a tool, and it should serve you as the user, not the other way around. The Light Phone II is a phone that actually respects you and the time that is important to you. It will serve as a constant source of distraction taking you away from those around you and will merely serve as a means of communication for phone calls and texts. Communication is at the heart of this phone. Light have re-thought the phone experience, taking advantage of the latest technologies in a timeless and refreshingly simple design.

The Light Phone II ($350) is all about tools, not feeds. Unlike feeds that are engineered to keep you scrolling, tools are for getting things done. The Light Phone II is built around a user-customisable toolbox where you will be able to easily add or remove various tools using the Light Dashboard. The tools are completely optional, of course, so you can really tailor this phone to have nothing but the bare minimum and ensure it doesn’t serve as a distraction. 

The Light Phone II will never have feeds, social media, advertisements, news or email – all the things that you regularly mindlessly scroll through without really thinking about it. All of the tools are custom designed for their Light Operating System where there is no infinity, just intention and functionality.

Straightforward Design & Interface

By taking a step back and focusing on nothing but the essentials, the Light Phone II provides a minimalist approach to smartphone technology. They cut the feeds and do away with the targeted ads, leaving only the essentials: calling, texting, alarms, contacts, and hotspot capabilities. The goal is to drastically reduce screen time to only when necessary, allowing you to disconnect with the digital world and reconnect with the real world by keeping it simple.

The Light developers are constantly developing new and exciting features and capabilities, and soon, Light users will have navigation, taxi services, music listening, calculator usage, and much more coming down the line but always without providing the sorts of apps which are known for distraction and mindless scrolling. If you’re looking to reduce your screen time this year, this Light Phone II might just be you’re next best friend.

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