Limited Edition Lenny Kravitz Leica Camera

Whilst Lenny Kravitz isn’t normally a name that we’d typically associate with awesomeness in the world of design, it just goes to show what we know because purveyors of general camera amazingness, Leica, have chosen the musician to design their latest limited edition camera and, safe to say, it looks almost obscenely superb.

The Limited Edition Lenny Kravitz Leica Camera boasts a purposively worn looking exterior with exposed brass that adds to its visual exponentially and, as you would expect from a Leica camera, the technology that it boasts is nothing short of extraordinary. Whilst it isn’t a whole new model of Leica camera, it’s a new design upon one of their impeccable M-P cameras, the Lenny Kravitz iteration definitely ramps up the style from a visual point of view and if you’re somewhat of a photography fiend (with incredibly deep pockets) then this could be the perfect choice for you. Check out a few more shots of this magnificent looking camera below:



Dripping in style and with technological capabilities to back it up, it’s little wonder that all who have seen the Limited Edition Lenny Kravitz Leica Camera have been left nothing short of astounded by it. This stunning construct includes a Leica Summicron-M 35mm and Leica Summilux-M 50mm which in itself isn’t cheap and the black snakeskin body trim, straps and case really do add a whole new dimension of cool to proceedings. A truly stunning camera for a, quite frankly, rather eye-watering price.

Price: $24k

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