Steampunk Flash Drives

Though we don’t often port data around here at Coolector HQ, I dare say if we did have photographs and documents aplenty to carry around with us then we’d endeavour to find an awesome storage device for such an occasion and, we’re delighted to report, we’ve found exactly what we’ve been looking for in the form of this rather magnificent Steampunk Flash Drives from Slotzkin.

These stunning looking little devices from Slotzkin Steampunk and Glass Shop really will make your data storage options a good deal more awesome and they are painstakingly constructed to look vintage and will unquestionably appeal to those people with a love of all things steampunk. Principally made from elements such as copper, brass and various cogs and gears that give them an undeniably striking aesthetic that we’re huge fans of here at Coolector HQ. Integrating Sandisk storage devices within these retro looking constructs, they are fully functional and will definitely turn a head or two when you whip them out in the office. Check out a few more of Slotzkin’s smashing constructs below:




You’ll be hard pressed to find a more unusual form of storing your data than these highly engaging Steampunk Flash Drives from Slotzkin and if you’ve fallen for their not inconsiderable charms, you’ll be pleased to hear that they are all available for purchase. We love quirky little pieces of design like this at The Coolector and it’s hard not to be impressed with the creativity and vintage appeal of these fantastic little constructs.

Price: $95+

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