Limited Edition Paper Skin Leica Camera

There are some pretty great camera makers on the market but few can compete with Leica when it comes to offering high performing and visually appealing pieces of kit and we’ve just stumbled across a stunning limited edition offering from the German technological giants that goes by the name of Paper Skin and the video above gives you a good little overview of the production process behind this spiffing looking device.

Limited to a mere 25 cameras, the Paper Skin is the work of Geometry Global Frankfurt in conjunction with Leica and the finished product is nothing short of extraordinary. It is the first Leica camera to be cladded in a “Paper Skin” which replaces the leather outer skin that is synonymous with many other Leica cameras and gives the device a highly unusual appearance and a level of exclusivity that will certainly appeal to camera aficionados.

The processes behind the construction of these fantastic limited edition cameras is elaborate to say the least and for anyone who is a fan of Leica cameras, you’ll already know that a great deal of care goes into the design and construction of their cameras and that is especially true of this “Paper Skin” iteration. Take a look at a few more shots of this utterly sensational looking camera below:







With such a vast array of cameras on the market, it can be difficult to know where to begin but if you’re in the market for a highly unique, visually stunning piece of kit from one of the world’s premier camera makers, this “Paper Skin” Leica camera comes thoroughly recommended.

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