Manual Coffeemaker No.1

We’ve featured a lot of different types of coffees on The Coolector over the last few months but we’re now turning our attention to coffeemakers and, quite frankly, one in particular has caught our eye more than most due to its effortless simplicity and patent awesomeness and it goes by the name of Manual Coffeemaker No.1 from Chicago based craftsman and coffee aficionado, Craigton Berman.

The Manual Coffeemaker No.1 is a pour over device which is both devilishly simple and aesthetically pleasing to boot so it definitely appeals to our coffee making sensibilities here at Coolector Headquarters. “Pour Over” coffee makers have become immensely popular in craft coffee shops over the last few years and chances are that if you’ve had a ridiculously delicious cup of coffee recently, it will have been made using one of these devices. They’re not yet commonplace in the home, however, but that is something that the fantastic looking Manual Coffeemaker No.1 might soon be bringing to an end.

The beauty of this device is in its simplicity and if you’ve got an understated aesthetic going on in your home or office, the Manual Coffeemaker No.1 is definitely going to fit right in with that. You get full visibility of the brewing process with this smashing little coffee maker and that’s something which, strangely, appeals to us greatly here at The Coolector and if you too are super serious about your coffee and want to make the perfect cup every time, getting your hands on one of these will be a good place to start.



Coffee is one of our plentiful vices here at The Coolector and we’re always searching for awesomeness pertaining to this delicious beverage and this Manual Coffeemaker No.1 unequivocally falls into this bracket.

We’re definitely on board for making sensational cups of coffee at home because, truth be told, we’ve made some pretty slap-dash ones in our time that have definite room for improvement and we’re hoping this superb looking coffeemaker will be our Sherpa on our path to consistent coffee perfection.

It is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter and if you’re wanting to get one of these devices in your home or office, you’ll need to head on over and show your support.

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