Liqui Contracts Theodore Bench Desk System

Finding furniture is something that can be problematic given the sheer wealth of options out there but when you find a purveyor of fine furniture as accomplished as Liqui Contracts, a UK based workshop, you’ll be overloaded with excellent pieces and one of our favourite here at Coolector HQ is unquestionably this superb looking Theodore Bench Desk System. Brilliantly conceived and crafted, this eye-catching piece of designer furniture will fit in effortlessly with an contemporary interior design aesthetic.

The Liquid Contracts Theodore Bench Desk System gets its moniker from Theodore Roosevelt’s desk which was an iconic piece of designer furniture from legendary architect, Charles Follen McKim, in 1903 and it has been used by many of the United States’ subsequent presidents. The original desk actually still exists after over a century and the Theodore Bench Desk System from Liqui Contracts has been designed with the same regard to deliver a robust and versatile space for all of your work-related requirements.

Classy Disposition

A more contemporary take on the Theodore Roosevelt original, this fantastic offering from Liqui Contracts has a minimalist aesthetic which has been carefully designed to be used as a two-seater workstation and a creative hub. The Theodore Bench Desk System allows for multiple workstations to be connected together to fit a number of people working in an open office setup and it is ideally suited to ramping up your productivity.

The Theodore Bench Desk System from Liqui Contracts has plenty of additional features that help to set it apart from the original and the competition. For example, it can also be ordered with optional acoustic foam dividers for additional privacy from co-workers and one of these desks is made in Britain with 100% FSC-certified and sustainable solid oak alongside a top made from natural oak veneer birch ply.

Liqui Contracts has a strong emphasis on ensuring the sustainability of their creation and they often use the offcuts from crafting these Theodore desks to make handy trays that are delivered with each one. It has been designed for multiple configurations which makes sure it a very adaptable office desk solution and the classy, minimalist design makes it ideally suited for more or less any office or residential property.

Eco-Friendly Design

The sustainability ethos of Liqui Contracts comes through in the form of an individual desk organizer for each workspace which is crafted from the off-cuts that would ordinarily be discarded. An optional upholstered acoustic screen divider can also be included with the Theodore Bench Desk System. These bench style desks offer modern style with a contract finish at a very reasonable price as well as being manufactured in Britain by our their skilled craftsmen.

A wonderfully striking piece of designer furniture and one based upon one of the most iconic pieces in United States history, the Theodore Desk Bench System from Liqui Contracts certainly ticks our style boxes here at Coolector HQ. If you’re after a mighty functional and versatile new workspace for you and some colleagues, this is one of the best we’ve encountered in some time and will help ramp up your creativity considerably.

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