The Living Cube

If you live in a property where space is somewhat of a premium then you will likely have tried all manner of configurations to try and make the most of the space that you have but, quite frankly, you might as well ditch your dimensional dilemmas and just get your hands on one of these brilliant looking Living Cubes instead because it will eradicate your space issues in one fell swoop.

The Living Cube is the work of Swiss designer,Till Könneker, who decided to create a piece of multifunctional furniture purpose built for minimalist living and with his Living Cube he has hit the nail on the head. Literally. A superb construct and one that looks devilishly stylish as well as being ridiculously function, the Living Cube has a space dedicated to a flatscreen television (up to 42 inches), shelving units, coat hooks, a queen sized bed and plenty of interior storage to boot. Check out the versatility of this beast below:







We love innovative design here at Coolector HQ and the Living Cube definitely falls into that bracket and if you’re equally space deprived as us, you’ll likely have had your head well and truly turned by this spiffing design.

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