Living Vehicle

Road trips are a way of life for many people particularly those living in countries tailor made for these type of adventures such as the good ol’ US of A and we think we might just have encountered the ultimate in luxurious road tripping machines in the shape of Living Vehicle, the ultimate in tiny living spaces that has been designed with all seasons in mind and for all your road trip adventures.

Living Vehicle is the brainchild of Matthew Hofmann and comes from his decades of experience in designing small spaces for the modern world. This exemplary construct has really thought of everything you could possible want for an outdoors living space and whether you’re setting this up for a camping break away or just seeing where the road takes you, the Living Vehicle is definitely not going to disappoint.

Living An Intentional Lifestyle

For those with adventure and escapism in the blood, having a steed that is ideally suited to all your excursions is a must and, quite frankly, we’ve seen none that would cater to it better than the Living Vehicle here at Coolector HQ. This stunning contraption is suitable for the whole family and has room for 6 people and boasts multi-use appliances and kitchen space to feed the whole family effortlessly. We all know pets are part of the family too and the Living Vehicle caters to your four legged friends as well with an extended outdoor deck, an internal vacuum system and a designated outdoor shower to hose them off when they get dirty.

Everything about the design of the Living Vehicle is built with adventure in mind and this means it has been set up to cater to bringing along all the adventure apparatus you need to have fun exploring the great outdoors with oversized storage for kayaks, surfboards, skis, and bikes to name but a few. If you’re planning a road trip adventure for any extended length of time, chances are you’ll need to work on the go too and the Living Vehicle is essentially a mobile office as well with its easily convertible office space and an omni-directional WiFi antenna for remote internet access.

Designed by architects and engineered for life, the Living Vehicle is a real sight to behold and boasts many impressive and well thought out design features that will make it a brilliant living space for any occasion. Carefully designed for four-season travel, the Living Vehicle has an unprecedented insulation performance that will support life in extreme climates so you can enjoy your surroundings year-round. It is also a technologically superior living space that has everything you’ll need to support a modern lifestyle so you can focus on connection to the people and the world outside.

Luxurious Living

There really are some luxurious elements to the design of the Living Vehicle which you perhaps wouldn’t expect to see in a dwelling of this nature. This includes a spa style bathroom with a teak wall in the shower provides a spa-style aesthetic and doubles as a modular mounting system for hooks, baskets, towel bars and shelving. A skylight in the shower centres a separate rain-shower head for luxurious bathing with an abundance of natural light.

If you love the thought of living life on the road but don’t want to compromise on luxury or space than the Living Vehicle is the ideal solution for you. Though it’s not cheap ($149,950), as you might expect, it is so filled with luxurious design elements that it’s hard to argue that it isn’t a fair price. Stunning design coupled with unparalleled versatility makes the Living Vehicle an extraordinary entry in the Tiny Living arena and we’re huge fans here at Coolector HQ.

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