LO-LO Capsular Micro Kitchen

Now don’t get us wrong, we’re definitely not accomplished chefs here at Coolector HQ and we don’t spend vast swathes of our time in the kitchen but we are suckers for great design and that, sir, is why this LO-LO Capsular Micro Kitchen has caught our eye.

The LO-LO Capsular Micro Kitchen is a concept piece of design that has been conceived with the idea that you might require a kitchen solution away from your regular outlet such as in your workspace or living space and the LO-LO looks, to us, to be the ideal solution.

With a playful, toy-like design and engaging aesthetic, this cracking construct would definitely solve any kitchen requirements and boasts both storage space and areas for devices that you’re likely want to install within such as a microwave or coffee machine. Take a look at a few more shots of the LO-LO Capsular Micro Kitchen below:







For lovers of intelligent design and minimalism, there’s certainly a lot to appreciate with the eye-catching LO-LO Capsular Micro Kitchen and we’ve been left thoroughly impressed with its versatility here at Coolector HQ. A superb piece of design and one that we dare say many homeworkers would want nestled right next to their workspace for craft beer ease of access.

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