Pure Cycles Gravel Adventure Bike

When it comes to cycling most men will want to gravitate away from the mundane roads on a commute to work and look for something a good deal more adventurous in the great outdoors but, when doing so, you need a steed that’s got your back from a performance point of view. Enter the Gravel Adventure Bike from Pure Cycles which is simultaneously one of the best looking and top performing bikes on the market.

The Pure Cycles Gravel Adventure Bike has got wilderness excursions at the forefront of its thinking with its design and won’t let you down from a performance point of view wherever you choose to ride it. It boasts a gravel-ready geometry which will ensure you stay in complete control on loose surfaces and it is 650B compatible, which is great for the customisers amongst you because it means you can swap rims and rock monster tires if you so choose.

Into the Wild

Robust and stylish, the Pure Cycles Gravel Adventure Bike lets you blaze new trails, grind that gravel, and leave your maps at home as you head out on journeys unplanned and unknown. Adventure Series of bikes from Pure Cycles is geared up to take you where you want to be, not where the roads want to take you and you’ll be able to tackle more or less any type of terrain with consummate ease aboard this fantastic steed.

The Pure Cycles Gravel Adventure Bike is a great ride that offers beefy tires, loads of clearance, and mount points for all your racks, bags, and campsite-hauling requirements. The only question is, where will your next adventure take you? With the Gravel Adventure Bike, it could be anywhere. It provides the rider with a mighty impressive performance which includes top of the rang disc brakes that provide unparalleled stopping power when you need to grind to a halt in a hurry.

Available in multiple different sizes to suit your own height and riding style, the Gravel Adventure Bike from Pure Cycles is an extremely versatile ride that is crafted from robust materials to make sure it lives up to its moniker and is ready for any adventure. For most cyclists, the pavement is overrated and it’s human nature to seek out the new, the unseen, and the untamed. Well, now there’s a bike that’s ready and able to get you there in the shape of this Gravel Adventure Bike from Pure Cycles.

Top Class Features

Everywhere you look with the Gravel Adventure Bike from Pure Cycles, you will encounter an impressive design feature or component. Starting with the Pure Cycles Cromo Adventure Frame, FSA Tempo Adventure, 48/32t Chainrings Crankset to the Selle Royal Rampage Saddle and WTB STP i23 32-Hole Rims, Stainless Steel Spokes, Alloy Front Disc Hub, Alloy Cassette Rear Disc Hub.

Extremely well priced at just $699, this cracking steed from Pure Cycles will take any adventure in its stride and if you currently find yourself in the market for a new ride that doesn’t cost the earth but delivers an impeccable performance both on and off road, you need look no further than the Gravel Adventure Bike. Ticks all our boxes.

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