Sphericam 2 4k Camera

Camera technology is always improving but when it comes to capturing the whole picture, there are few devices that will help you out in this regard which is why we’ve been left so mightily impressed with the apparent capabilities of the fantastic looking Sphericam 2 4k 360 Degree Camera.

This superbly advanced piece of kit allows you to capture everything around them in high definition with no blind spots whatsoever which, needless to say, will produce some pretty mind-blowing footage. The end result of the footage captured means that you will be able to move the camera to view any area that has been videoed which is a cool feature to say the least.

With a size a modicum beneath a tennis ball, the Sphericam 2 is extremely portable and the device offers six cameras in total within its frame to capture all the action is crystal clear high definition. Take a look t a few more shots of the Sphericam 2 below:

[youtube width=”750″ height=”450″]https://youtu.be/XecCjhZzT54[/youtube]



The Sphericam 2 is designed with other devices like the Oculus Rift in mind and there are some mightily impressive features going on under the hood. 4k resolution, 6ofps and VR ready technology definitely make the Sphericam 2, which is currently undergoing a round of funding on Kickstarter, one to watch.

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