Love Hulten OriginX

We used to love going to the computer arcade back in the day here at Coolector HQ and whilst it was inevitable that home console technology would catch up with what was available in the arcades, we still miss the process of playing on the old school consoles but we might be able to sate this appetite courtesy of this excellent looking piece of design from Love Hulten that goes by the name of OriginX.

The OriginX from Love Hulten is available for pre-ordering now and will begin shipping in August at a price of €2,899.00 which, whilst undoubtedly pricy, represents a great deal for getting such a striking looking and game packed machine in your home. This first class creation from Coolector HQ favourite, Love Hulten, takes its inspiration from Pong which helped launched the video game industry as we know it back in 1972.

Arcade Awesomeness

Spectacularly stylish and dripping in old school cool, the OriginX from Love Hulten is a painstakingly handcrafted wooden tribute and a delicate homage to the Pong cabinet where it all began for the gaming industry. Just like the machine from which it takes its design inspiration – OriginX is dressed up in an sophisticated exterior which consists of a walnut housing, yellow facade and a eye-catching control panel which has been crafted in aluminium.

The OriginX console from Love Hulten is billed as being the perfect link between the past and the present because it has an undoubted old school aesthetic but comes with plenty of contemporary features to boot that makes it suitable for today’s gaming loving market. This slim wall mounted cabinet will join together modern hardware with classic design and lets you take on some of the classic co-op games like Metal Slug, Gauntlet and Contra in considerable style.

Capable of storing over 10,000 games on its emulator, you’ll never run out of things to play on the Love Hulten OriginX and you can even add your own favourites to the device via USB in order to create your own personal gaming library. Whilst today’s console games with all their visual bells and whistles are all well and good, we miss the pick up and playability of the old school classics and that’s exactly the sort of fare you’ll find on this superb looking device from Love Hulten.

Impressive Tech

The standard version of the Love Hulten OriginX console runs on a built-in modern computer, which is responsible for emulating all your favorite games through MAME – but the cabinet can aslo be customized to run the original JAMMA board of your choice. OriginX comes with a 19″ 4:3 LCD, and in order to enhance the authentic arcade experience a custom barrel distortion filter has been added to mimic classic CRT monitors.

Whilst the OriginX comes in yellow as standard, you can make your pick of colour if yellow isn’t your bag and this extremely limited edition offering (with only 50 being made) is sure to positively fly off the shelves so if you want this glorious classic arcade offering in your home, you’ll need to get your preorder in now.

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