Love Hulten Sputnik Kluster Lamp & Pinhole Projector

Whilst there are, of course, so many amazing industrial designers out there to enjoy, if you’re anything like us here at Coolector HQ, you’ll invariably find yourself gravitate back to your favourites to see what new pieces they have crafted. Love Hulten is unquestionably one of our favourite designers here at The Coolector and it’s because of unique and unusual pieces of design like this extraordinary Sputnik Kluster Lamp & Pinhole Projector.

Love Hulten is famed for his crafting of retro style arcade machines but he does occasionally branch out into other pieces of design and, for us, these are just as exciting as his much lauded arcade designs. The Sputnik Kluster Lamp & Pinhole Projector is, as the name suggests, inspired by the Sputnik satellite and for those of you with a love of great design and space, this will be right up your street.

Satellite Style

The Sputnik Kluster Lamp & Pinhole Projector is a mighty cool piece of design and when lit, this tiny cosmic beamer will turn any space into a eye-catching, stimulating and relaxing place to be. It is powered by a long-life battery so the Sputnik Kluster Lamp can be placed anywhere and still deliver the same great performance.

When illuminated, the Sputnik Kluster replicates the sporadic constellations of stars in our sky and this delivers an amazing aesthetic that will bring life and a touch of the celestial class to any room. Each one of the holes has been hand drilled and provides a unique set of projections as a result and the cosmic-like, patchy finish of the exterior is sealed by a layer of clear matte lacquer for the rustic look of the satellite itself.

The fact that no two lamps will be the same due to the way in which they are crafted really makes the Sputnik Kluster Lamp from Love Hulten even more appealing and exclusive and for those after unusual and striking pieces of design for their home, this will more than fit the bill.

Out of this World Design

We’ve got a real love of all things space related here at The Coolector and for those of you with a similar mindset, chances are you’re going to join us in loving this fantastic piece of design from Love Hulten. The Sputnik Kluster Lamp is clever, unusual and will turn heads aplenty from all have bear witness to it in your home or office.

Promoting a real sense of relaxation through its projecting of light, the Sputnik Kluster Lamp has the sort of exclusivity and uniqueness that we love at Coolector HQ and the fact it celebrates one of the most iconic pieces of space related technology there is merely serves to add to its appeal still further.

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