Love Hulten Tempel Workstation

Regardless of the type of property you have, it’s always good to try and find a few statement pieces of furniture to fill it with and so far as the workstation component of your interior design endeavours are concerned, you can rest easy because that has been covered by this extraordinary looking and supremely functional Tempel Workstation from The Coolector regular, Love Hulten.

The Tempel Workstation is, first and foremost, a highly versatile and stylish piece of designer furniture but it is so much more than that as well and boasts the sort of design flourishes and little intricacies that truly sets it apart and makes it worthy of a prominent position in your home. For anyone looking for a first class workstation with a distinctly retro vibe, the Tempel Workstation from Love Hulten will tick every single last one of your boxes.

Spectacular Craftsmanship

The scope and breadth of designs from Love Hulten is most impressive indeed and whilst he is perhaps best known for the retro video game constructions he crafts, the Tempel Workstation well and truly showcases his talents in the furniture arena as well and we’ve been left mesmerised by the impeccable design and craftsmanship of the stunning construct. The Tempel Workstation has been designed to fulfil the personal requirements of a new generation of craftsmen and electricians, and it does a stellar job of integrating the gadgets and tools of today into an aesthetically superior piece of designer furniture.

Taking its design inspiration from the furniture of the early 19th century, the Tempel Workstation from Love Hulten has breathed new life into a classic writing desk and completely repurposed it for a generation of craftsmen. When unfolded, this great piece of furniture unveils a modern working bench with an array of contemporary requirements for crafting and designing tangible, well-made goods.

With an abundance of storage space (26 drawers), the 43 x 43 x 16-inch workbench successfully integrates a bevy of electronic apparatus which includes a built-in high-end computer along with a 2.1 speaker system that allows it to function as a high-tech working environment. On the inside of the Tempel Workstation, you’ll discover a motor driven hidden pop-up 24″ monitor covered in a striking walnut frame and a built-in soldering/electronic station with a selection of customised tools, crafted with the owner’s needs in mind.

Vintage Appeal

There is a very striking design aesthetic that runs through all of the pieces from Love Hulten and the Tempel Workstation is no exception. It is one of the finest pieces we’ve seen to date from this immeasurably talented designer and if you’re a craftsman in search of the perfect new addition to your home, this will make all the right impressions.

The Tempel Workstation is extremely versatile and functional because when it’s not in use, you can hide your working bench away simply by folding the desk into a closed position. There is also an incredible key mechanism ornamented with an illuminated planetarium on the front which show when the desk has been locked. This is one phenomenal piece of furniture design and we simply can’t wait to see what else Love Hulten has got up his sleeve for 2017.

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