Savage Supply Co Blake Adventure Waxed Canvas Backpack

Adventure is something that a lot of people will be hoping for in 2017 and whether this is a road trip into the unknown or a wilderness excursion, you need to make sure you’ve got the right accessories in tow to make the most of any adventure activities. So far as your backpack needs are concerned, chances are you’re going to find no better candidate for the role than this aesthetically superior and magnificently well crafted Blake Adventure Waxed Canvas Backpack from Coolector HQ favourites, Savage Supply Co.

Savage Supply Co are one of our favourite purveyors of bags and accessories here at The Coolector and the reason for this is the superb craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into each and every one of their creations. The Blake series of backpacks is their latest addition to the already impressive array of carries they boast and it might just be their best yet, we’re please to report.

American Made

Savage Supply Co originated from the Plaza Midwood, a historic neighbourhood of Charlotte, North Carolina, and their American made wares have always left us thoroughly impressed here at Coolector HQ. Their Blake Adventure Waxed Canvas Backpack is definitely one of their most striking creations to date and the quality of the craftsmanship, vintage appeal and sheer functionality of the piece is entirely second to none.

Whether your adventure that is afoot is a backpacking trip around Europe or merely a trek into the woods, the Blake Backpack from Savage Supply Co won’t let you down and will deliver both the versatility and style that you’ll want from any carry that you’re going to be using on a daily basis.

It is crafted from supremely robust duck canvas, durable full grain leather, custom copper rivets and brass hardware and this all combines to make make the Blake Rucksack nigh on indestructible and  it truly is built to last. This is excellent for those who plan to use it for adventure where it will be subjected to the elements or on road trips where it will be tossed about and buffeted regularly.

Visually Superior

There is a distinct retro vibe to the Blake Adventure Waxed Canvas Backpack from Savage Supply Co and it is exactly this type of aesthetic that we typically favour with our accessories here at Coolector HQ. It is made from the very best materials and crafted impeccably well with the intention of lasting a lifetime so, chances are, this superb looking carry will be the last backpack that you need to buy for a long time.

For any adventurer seeking out rucksacks new, this brilliant Blake offering from Savage Supply Co would certainly sit atop our list of essentials at The Coolector. Phenomenally well made and painfully cool, with more versatility than you can shake a stick at, it really is an eye-catching a functional design that it’s impossible not to like.

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