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There’s no escaping the fact that vinyl is coming back into the mainstream in a big way and that’s something that we’re delighted about here at Coolector HQ. Due to the resurgence of vinyl, it is clear that there was likely to be an abundance of new designs and technology fighting it out to become the device of choice for playing your favourite records and, it’s fair to say, the LOVE Intelligent Turntable looks like being one of the best.

The LOVE Intelligent Turntable is billed as being the first truly intelligent device for vinyl that simplifies and redesigns the way in which you will interact with your records and introduces smartphone control for a whole new level of functionality and interaction with your vinyl

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The overriding objective with the LOVE Intelligent Turntable was to deliver the unique experience and intimacy of using vinyl records but thoroughly modernising the experience and bringing it in line with 21st century technology expectations. This impressive bit of kit makes it so much more simple to enjoy your favourite vinyl records and lets you play your vinyl with the push of a button on the LOVE device or, if you’d prefer, it can be controlled with your smartphone through the accompanying app.

Taking connectivity to a whole new level, the LOVE Intelligent Turntable connects to any Bluetooth audio device and Wi-Fi multi-room system which unquestionably makes it one of the most versatile options on the market. This means that you’ll be able to connect to everything you’d like including speakers, headphones and stereo devices. And, better still, if your speakers aren’t Bluetooth enabled, the LOVE Intelligent Turntable comes with a 3.5mm or RCA Bluetooth adapter.

Vinyl is set to have one of its biggest years yet in 2017 and if you’re planning to significantly enhance your own collection over the next few months and you’re on the hunt for a technologically superior device to play you’re records, we’re fairly sure the LOVE Intelligent Turntable will fit the bill rather nicely.

Revolutionary Design

The eye-catching design of the LOVE Intelligent Turntable immediately sets it apart from the competition and it’s quite unlike any record player you’re likely to have encountered before from an aesthetics point of view. This cracking piece of technology boasts fine craftsmanship which aims to deliver a timeless high-end turntable and, as you can see, this is something they’ve accomplished with aplomb.

Completely unique and painfully cool, the LOVE Intelligent Turntable looks incredible when in action and turns counterclockwise on a still record whilst barely making any sound to indicate that it is in operation. It works by scanning the vinyl to discover its size and number of tracks it has and, for example, if you want to start your listening experience on track 6 simply Press LOVE’s top shell six times or select the track through the app – simple stuff indeed.

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