Finch Ceramic Carry Flask

Finding accessories of the calibre that you’re happy to use every day is no easy feat but there are some out there who put real value in quality craftsmanship and the Finch Ceramic Carry Flask is a fine example of this and perfectly suited for any regular commuter.

The Finch Ceramic Carry Flask is a carry flask for your coffee, tea or any hot beverage and it boasts a fantastic and refined form made natural materials which delivers a welcome dose of warmth to your day to day commute. Funding on Kickstarter now, the Finch Ceramic Carry Flask is both well made and functional and definitely right up our street here at Coolector HQ.

Well Made Goods

For those of you who really like to ensure you have well made goods as part of your EDC, this Finch Ceramic Carry Flask will tick all of the right boxes and the aesthetics are matched with the quality materials used in its construction. Simple but well chosen materials ensure the visual appeal and functionality of the Finch Ceramic Carry Flask and consists of a combination of a glazed ceramic bottle form paired a fitted wool felt sleeve and a solid cork stopper.

As regular commuters and imbibers of tea and coffee here at Coolector HQ, the Finch Ceramic Carry Flask was always going to resonate with our sensibilities but its hard not to be impressed with the attention to detail in its craftsmanship and the deication to using natural materials.

Purpose built so as not to interfere with the taste of your hot beverage (as many other materials often do), the Finch Ceramic Carry Flask ensures that you don’t have to make any compromises between style, functionality and taste and delivers all three with some considerable aplomb.

Ecological Consideration

With the Finch Ceramic Carry Flask, you can have the peace of mind that each material used in its construction is of superior quality, ecologically considered and chosen because it is the best at what it does. With all the materials working in unison, you are given a top-quality natural drinking vessel that not only functions impeccably but looks excellent while it does it.

If you’ve liked what you’ve seen with the Finch Ceramic Carry Flask and you’re in the market for a new commuter drinking receptacle, there’s nothing not to like with the design and finish of this exemplary looking product and we’re sure that there will be plenty taking their caffeine fix from this in 2017.

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