Lowepro Powder Backpack

Adventure ready accessories are the stock and trade of brands like Lowepro and they consistently prove this with first class wares like this Powder Backpack which comes in a bold Orange / Grey colour way and has a price tag of $340 which makes it a great choice for those who are serious about their outdoor adventuring. Robust construction and clever design combine to make this a versatile and top performing accessory for use in the great outdoors.

The Lowepro Powder Backpack ($340) acts as a 55L versatile solution that is ideally suited to backcountry photographers looking for extreme lightness, performance and capacity from their choice of carry. It is capable of effortlessly handling Standard DSLR and Pro Mirrorless cameras and lenses so you’re camera kit is covered and you’ll have plenty of space left over for all your other adventure essentials.

Storage, Style and Performance

Whilst this Lowepro Powder Backpack has been designed with the keen photographer in mind, hence the spaces specifically incorporated for cameras, there is 50% of its storage capacity set aside for non-camera storage so, regardless of what you’re looking to bring with you on your wilderness excursions, the Powder Backpack isn’t going to let you down. Crafted from a resilient, weather-proof material, this excellent carry from Lowepro has a dedicated laptop sleeve so you can do some impromptu photo editing on the go should you so wish.

The Lowepro Powder Backpack strikes the ideal balance between lightweight performance, secure camera carry and alpine backpack, and it has been carefully designed to withstand the sort of extreme conditions that you’re likely to encounter on the mountains or the depths of the woods. It can carry a pro-level DSLR with attached grip alongside 2-4 lenses so you’ll be hard pressed to find an adventure ready camera backpack that is quite as versatile as this exemplary offering.

Capable of carrying a full size tripod and safety gear along with shock cord holder for ski poles, ice axe or probe, it’s easy to see why this carry is a go-to for the adventurous souls out there. It has a removable camera box that makes extra space for clothing food and accessories while the All Weather AW Cover™ helps shield your gear from rain, snow, dust and sand. Ideally suited for winter trekking, hiking and backpacking, the Lowepro Powder Backpack has left us mighty impressed here at Coolector HQ.

Versatile Capacity

Any backpack needs to offer a versatile performance in our opinion here at The Coolector and this is an area in which the Lowepro Powder Backpack positively excels. This classy, robust carry has an internal camera compartment which can be easily removed for increased non-camera storage so you can tailor it to the adventure or occasion. It has a separate, external pocket for backcountry gear which you can fit items like a collapsible shovel, probe, ski skins, and longer items.

A price tag of $340 is a mighty reasonable one for a carry of this calibre and it’s not hard to see why Lowepro are a brand so well respected in the outdoor adventure world. The Powder Backpack has a lightweight design which lets you carry crucial gear for more performance in demanding conditions and a body-side entry panel provides easy access and secure surface to set-up gear.

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