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There are, of course, many different style of luxury watches to choose from but for those of an adventurous mindset, dive watches are the obvious choice and they, quite frankly, don’t come much better than the superb looking timepieces from American watchmakers, Ocean Crawler. Operating out of Rochester, New York, Ocean Crawler are an American watchmaking company which specializes in self-winding and automatic mechanical watches. The designs boast visuals that express nostalgic sophistication, but which are made for contemporary adventurists with an active lifestyle.

We’re big fans of dive watches here at Coolector HQ and it’s great to see American watchmakers really making a name for themselves in what is a highly competitive industry. With prices starting at a mighty reasonable $999, Ocean Crawler Watches are available in a number of different varieties to match your style tastes and performance requirements and they serve as the perfect choice for any man seeking an adventure ready watch that doesn’t break the bank.

Check out pick of the best Ocean Crawler watches available right now:

Ocean Crawler Core Diver Watches – $999

Offering an incredible water resistance of some 600m, the Core Diver Watch from Ocean Crawler ($999) really is one of the best in the business so far as dive watches are concerned. Each and every Ocean Crawler timepiece has been immersed in water and has been thoroughly tested to withstand pressures up to 2000 feet. The Core Diver is a must have under-water accessory for water sports enthusiasts who scuba dive, spearfish and even head out on ocean-bed exploration missions.

This special edition watch boasts an impressive, all Sapphire unidirectional rotating bezel which bears hour-markers filled with seven layers of BGW9 Lume. Powerful lume on the key elements ensures unparalleled readability when deep sea diving which is crucial to make sure you keep on top of your oxygen supply. The movement inside the Core Diver watch from Ocean Crawler is a regulated Sellita Sw-200 movement which offers great performance and accuracy. It has a beat rate of 28,800 vibrations per hour and has been enhanced for added accuracy. ($999)

Ocean Crawler Ocean Navigator Watches – $1299-1499

Adventure ready doesn’t do the amazing Ocean Crawler Ocean Navigator Watches ($1299-1499) justice because these really are some of the most robust and durable timepieces on the market. These exemplary watches from Ocean Crawler has an all Sapphire unidirectional rotating bezel which bears hour-markers filled with seven layers of Swiss C3 SuperLuminova. This first rate lume on the key element again delivers impeccable legibility when heading into the deep blue.

The Ocean Navigator has a patent-pending dual bezel and triple crown case design that immediately catches the eye. The outer bezel is a timing bezel while the inner bezel acting as a solar compass. The crown at 10 o’clock is responsible for controlling the inner bezel while the crown at 8 o’clock is a helium release valve. To use the solar compass, you simply point the hour hand of the watch toward the sun and match the hour on the inner solar bezel (orange numbers for the northern hemisphere and white ones for the southern hemisphere) to the hour hand on your watch.

The H next to EAST refers to ‘Horizon’ and shows the position within the solar compass where the most accurate cardinal coordinates can be taken during the day on the northern hemisphere. The measurements taken furthest from H will be the least accurate. The movement inside the Ocean Navigator is a regulated Swiss Made STP1-11 movement. ($1299-1499)

Ocean Crawler Champion Diver Watches – $999

These exceptionally well made Ocean Crawler Champion Diver Watches ($999) are ideal for those serious about their diving and water based adventures. It is an indispensable underwater tool which is both brilliantly shock and water resistant to 2000 Feet. It comes with two straps; a custom leather strap and a second rubber strap and there are only 50 units being made of the Champion Diver Teal Edition. Each dial color has been chosen to represent one of the world’s best dive site experiences: namely, Blade Wakatobi, Kona Mantas, Sinai Red, Nemo 33, Dean’s Blue, Kuda Giri, High Island, and Barracuda Point.

The colour of each dial strives to capture a feature of each of these different diving sites. Only a small amount of units of each limited edition dial will be produced. Ocean Crawler watches have to pass ten different drop tests before they hit the shelves and this helps guarantee their quality performance beneath the waves. The most severe is the high impact hammer test. This shock testing equipment submits the watch to an impact equivalent to 6,000 G – Hundreds of times more than a car crash test. Yet the watch has to remain unharmed and fully functional afterward, maintaining a high standard of accuracy. The Movement inside the Champion Diver is a Sellita SW-200. ($999)

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