Loyal Stricklin Flint Weekender Duffle Bag

Weekend trips are an awkward event when it comes to packing for the journey as you invariably don’t want to take a suitcase for such a short stay and a backpack seldom has enough space for everything you need which is why the weekender bag is such a godsend. They don’t come much classier or better crafted than the superb looking Flint Weekender Duffle Bag from the guys at Loyal Stricklin.

The Loyal Stricklin Flint Weekender Duffle Bag is one dapper accessory indeed and will add a touch of class to any short trips you’re heading on this autumn and winter. There is somewhat of a Goldilocks vibe to this cracking accessory from Loyal Stricklin because it was their desire to create the perfectly sized weekender – one that doesn’t get too heavy due its size but also one that has sufficient space for everything you’re going to need to have in tow for a short trip – and they’ve hit the nail on the head so far as we can see.

Storage & Style in Spades

Finding the weekender bag with just the right amount of storage for your needs, whilst also matching your personal style preferences, is no mean feat but we think we’ve found the ideal candidate for ticking both these boxes in the shape of the Flint Weekender Duffle Bag from Loyal Stricklin. This first class accessory has the makings of a classic and they wanted to create a duffle which was just the right size: namely, big enough for a weekend getaway, but not so bulky so as to be uncomfortable to carry in through the airport.

You can easily fit two or three days worth of clothes for you next outing in the Flint Weekender Duffle Bag from Loyal Stricklin- depending on how much you like to pack, of course – but for most men, the storage available will be more than enough. This eye-catching and devilishly dapper carry is crafted from 22 oz Waxed Twill Canvas and Horween Chromexcel Leather for the sort of timeless aesthetic that we’re big fans of here at Coolector HQ.

Immensely comfortable, folded handles will allow for effortless carry in hand, and when combined with the 1.5″ wide shoulder strap which is wide enough to spread the weight more evenly, you’ll not find many accessories that are as functional and stylish as this one from Loyal Stricklin. You have the option to adjust the weekender wherever you need depending on if you like to carry the bag close to your back or let it handle down low.

Great Value

Available for just $350, this stylish accessory is right up our street at The Coolector and for any man seeking out a versatile, great looking and functional weekender bag, look no further. Boasting antique brass hardware, full leather bottom and riveted and stitched folded leather handles for comfort, the quality on offer is beyond question and it will be your go-to bag for all your short trips away for years to come.

Loyal Stricklin are a brand we’ve got a lot of time for at Coolector HQ because they go above and beyond in their endeavours to make their accessories as good as they can be. Through the use of top of the range materials, impeccable craftsmanship and a real attention to detail in the design, there are few accessories purveyors out there on a par with this cracking American workshop.

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