Loyal Stricklin Two Tone Travel Wallet

Travelling is something that we enjoy an awful lot here at Coolector HQ and whilst we don’t do as much of it as we might like, we certainly know the importance of being organised when it comes to keeping your documents and money in order for your trip. As an inherently disorganised individual, the onus is invariably on accessories when keeping said documents in check and we’ve definitely had our head turned by the awesome looking Two Tone Travel Wallet from Loyal Stricklin.

This isn’t the first time the brilliant Alabama based brand have appeared on the pages of The Coolector and all their hand-made in the USA goods are luxuriously stylish and brilliantly crafted and there is certainly no exception so far as this Two Tone Travel Wallet is concerned. This stunning accessory has been put together from high-quality leather and has sufficient space for a notebook, travel documents and cash so it will be your perfect travelling companion for trips abroad.

To the left side of the interior, there is room for 8 cards and the right side is for storing a notebook, passport and whatever other items you see fit for travelling. A fantastically designed accessory that will be right up the aesthetic street of any stylish chap, we’re certainly impressed with the impeccable craftsmanship of the Loyal Stricklin Two Tone Travel Wallet and you can feast your eyes on a few shots of this thoroughly impressive beast below:




The dapperness of this eye-catching wallet is plain to see and if you’re a fan of leather based goods, you’ll be in for a veritable field day on the Loyal Striklin website which is overflowing with items equally as awesome as the Two Tone Travel Wallet. This spiffing number is made with 4 oz. Horween Croc Print Horsehide Chromexcel leather and includes the moleskin notebook picture above so you really will have no excuse not to document your travelling experiences if you’re rocking one of these Loyal Striklin wallets the next time you go away.

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