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I think it’s fair to say that we like our artwork unusual here at Coolector HQ and it’s for that reason that you won’t be surprised to hear that we’ve fallen hook, line and sinker for the extraordinary artwork from a supremely talented fellow who goes by the name of Scott Listfield. His superbly engaging artwork typically features a lone astronaut in eye-catching vistas and the contrast between solitude and pop culture references is something that definitely appeals to our sensibilities at The Coolector.

Listfield is a Boston born artist who has become synonymous with his astronaut themed artwork and, by his own admission, he throws the odd dinosaur in there for good measure. If you’re a fan of artwork that isn’t afraid to buck convention then the strangely eerie paintings from Listfield will patently be right up your street. His playful references to science fiction popular culture makes his awesome artwork stand out still further and his excellent website boasts a plethora of first class paintings that have left us agog for some time now – you can check out a few of our favourite pieces from Listfield below:









As you can see, there is a definite theme to the artwork of Scott Listfield and if its in keeping with the type of paintings that you appreciate then you’ll doubtlessly join us here at Coolector HQ in wishing we had some of these superb pieces hanging from the walls. Listfield regularly exhibits his artwork in galleries across the United States and you can purchase prints of his astronaut chronicles online. We’re massive fans of the talented chap at The Coolector and we can’t wait for him to add to his ever-growing roster of cracking astronomical artwork.

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