Lucetta Magnetic Bicycle Lights

We were once regular cyclists here at Coolector HQ but as the months went from sunny and warm to dark and cold, we gravitated away from our two-wheeled steed – chiefly because it wasn’t replete with lights and this meant that our commute was more death defying that we would perhaps have liked.

Had we known that there were some bicycle lights as awesome, minimalist and easy to implement as these Lucetta Magnetic Bicycle Lights then I dare say we would have carried on with our morning and nightly cycle.

Boasting the sort of superb design that we are firm fans of here at The Coolector, these Lucetta Magnetic Bicycle Lights are a fine piece of design and effortlessly simple to use, you’ll be hard pressed to find a reason not to make these your new brake lights for your bicycle. You’ll receive one red light (for the back) and one white light (for the front) in the set and they are guaranteed to stay in place courtesy of their strong magnetism on even the bumpiest of bumpy streets.




When you’ve reached your destination, you can simply unclick the lights and pop them in your pocket for the next time you need them. A simple, functional and highly attractive design, if you’re a keen cyclist, you’ll definitely find use with the Lucetta Magnetic Bicycle Lights. They are available in three different colour sets – black, white and red – and offers an average run time of 40 hours. We love cycling gadgets here at The Coolector, particularly simple and awesome ones like this. Kudos chaps.

Price: €25

Available: Palomar

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