Lucnt SRL1 Bike Light

Cycling at night is difficult and dangerous enough as it is but without a high quality bike light, it’s bordering on madness. For those serious about their cycling and who want nothing but the best in terms of bike accessories, this Lucnt SRL1 Bike Light from Mema Engineering, which is funding on Kickstarter now, could be just the ticket.

The Lucnt SRL1 Bike Light is an intuitive bike light, made from aircraft grade aluminium which will deliver a robust, versatile solution to all your cycling requirements. It is a smart tail light which operates in the same manner as a car’s brake lights through the use of multiple sensors combined with smart algorithms to ensure that those around you are always aware of your presence which will ramp up the safety of all your bike journeys.

American Made Quality

Each one of these Lucnt SRL1 Bike Lights is designed and crafted in California and the aforementioned algorithms are able to sense when you slow down or accelerate, thereby making you more visible on the road and helping drivers behind you to steer clear. As there’s no power switch to consider, Lucnt is automatically activated by the magnets in the bike mount, ensuring that it will never drain itself while you’re not using it.

The Lucnt SRL1 Bike Light has definitely caught our attention here at Coolector HQ because of its innovative design features and impressively functionality. The CNC machined, anodised aluminium exterior gives it a level of toughness that is essential for biking accessories of this nature and it is the approximate size and weight of a USB thumb drive. Easy to set up, you just pick the orientation you want and slot it on its magnetic seat mount. To remove it, just pull the light off its mount and slide it into your pocket and it will turn off automatically in a matter of seconds.

Offering dual mode capabilities, going from 10% brightness when riding to 100% brightness when you put pressure on the brakes. When flipped downward, the Lucnt SRL1 Bike Light blinks in various patterns to reflect your alterations in speed, changing to a steady red glow whenever you slow down. For those with a need for a intuitive lighting solution for all their cycling adventures, this would definitely be one of our first picks here at Coolector HQ.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Extremely energy efficient, the Lucnt SRL1 Bike Light from Mema Engineering gives you 20 hours of continuous use with just one hour of charging. Additionally, courtesy of the sensors inside the light, it can tell when your bike is stationary which means that even when you leave it attached, it will only stay on for 90 seconds before going into standby. Another fine example of the quality cycling accessories that are to be found on Kickstarter.

Weather ready and as robust as it gets, this Lucnt SRL1 Bike Light won’t let you down regardless of the conditions and terrain – be it city streets or woodland trails. Cleverly designed and made in the USA, this is a great choice of lighting solution for those who want nothing but the best for their bike and you can pick one up for the bargain price of just $100 on Kickstarter now.

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