Lacoste Customised Polo Shirts

When you think of classy, iconic polo shirts, it goes without saying that Lacoste will be one of the first names that springs to mind and if this world renowned fashion label is one that you stock your wardrobe with, you’re certainly going to want to sit up and take notice of one of their latest, innovative offerings – namely, Customised Lacoste Polo Shirts, which let you pick more or less every element of the design, colour and even have your initials stitched right on the sleeve.

There really is something special about owning a Lacoste Customised Polo Shirt (we should know, we’ve got one) and the quality of these bespoke creations really is second to none. Each one of these amazing customised polos from Lacoste is made to order in France and will be available for delivery within 15 days. You can create your very own polo shirt with your pick of crocodile motif, colours (including collars and sleeves) and the placement of your initials. You’re the playmaker with this ace new offering from Lacoste so PLAY BALL!

Your Pick, Your Style

Needless to say, even when you don’t pick a customised polo from Lacoste, the quality is beyond compare but there really is something satisfying in playing your part in the creative process and really picking the style of apparel that best matches your own taste persuasions. You begin by choosing the type of fit you want with your customised polo from Lacoste and this can either be classic fit, slim fit or long sleeved varieties and once you’ve made this decision, you can move onto the fun stuff.

Once the shape of your Customised Lacoste Polo Shirt has been decided on, you’ll then move through the fashion brand’s brilliant customisation tool on their website that lets you pick the main colour of the top where you can choose from 12 different options. After that, you’ll be asked to pick your choice of collar colour, sleeve rib colour and, our favourite part, the iconic Lacoste crocodile motif where you’ll have another 12 to choose from in either silicone or stitching.

We’re big fans of Lacoste here at Coolector HQ and this capacity to really wrestle creative control from them and make the apparel that you want in your wardrobe is a mighty cool feature indeed. Once you’ve made all the major colour choices, the piece de resistance comes in the shape of being able to add your initials to your polo and you can add up to four letters for your personalised monogram so all the bases should be covered.

Personalised Perfection

Unwavering quality and a real sense of uniqueness abounds with these first rate Lacoste Customised Polo Shirts and for those of you that want to really flaunt your own personal sense of style in 2018, adding one of these to wardrobes is a must for 2018. Lacoste are one of the finest polo top purveyors out there and they’ve just gone up significantly in our estimations with this innovative new customisation feature.

Fashionable in the extreme, unique and made to your exact specifications, these Customised Polo Shirts from Lacoste are something which become your go-to item when you’re looking to make your mark in 2018 and this fantastic service is available for just £100 – you can’t say fairer than that.

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