Lumen Retro Reflective City Bicycle

We’ve come across all manner of gadgets and technology for cyclists to help make them more visible at night here at Coolector HQ but we don’t believe we’ve anyone tackle the whole bike itself before in order to ramp up its visibility and, truth be told, we can’t imagine anyone will have done it better than Mission Bicycles and their extraordinary looking Lumen Retro Reflective City Bicycle which is currently in the process of being crowd funded on Kickstarter.

The video above does an excellent job of showing just how amazing looking this bicycle is and we perhaps shouldn’t be surprised that its already thoroughly exceeded its funding target already despite having two weeks remaining. The Lumen Retro Reflective Bicycle is designed and built in San Francisco and it reflects any light that hits the bike’s frame or wheels to make the cyclist more visible (and it looks pretty awesome too, I think we can all agree).

Seeing cyclists at night isn’t easy of course so anything that makes them more visible to drivers is definitely welcome in our book but there aren’t many ideas that boast the sort of design flair as the Lumen Retro Reflective City Bicycle. Immensely eye-catching to say the least, there is obviously an underlying safety issue to the reflective coating on the bike’s frame and wheels but, to be fair, it’s the amazing visual appeal of it that has captured our imagination here at The Coolector. Check out a few more shots of this rather spiffing bicycle below:


lumen by day


As you can plainly see, the Lumen Retro Reflective Bicycle is one super cool looking steed for riding at night and whilst the fact that it obviously makes you easier to spot for drivers, it is definitely the awesomeness of its appearance that has left us so impressed here at Coolector.

With over two weeks left to show your support on Kickstarter, if you’re a cyclist that regularly rides at night and want an awesome machine to ride, you’ll be hard pressed to find one that looks more amazing than this.

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More Info: Mission Bikes

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