Got Chess?

Chess isn’t really our bag here at The Coolector but that’s not because we don’t enjoy the game when we sit down and play it but perhaps rather that we don’t have an awesome little set to play it on that doesn’t take up a load of the limited space we have to spare here at Coolector HQ but all that might be about to change after we came across this fantastic looking Got Chess? set from a talented fellow who goes by the name of Peter Baeten.

Got Chess? takes its inspiration from classical style leather notebooks and takes the game of chess from the 3D realm into that of 2D with a highly distinctive design process that really appeals to us here at The Coolector. Got Chess? is a fully functional set but one that has been well and truly stripped back to its base elements without any unnecessary frivolities and we’re mightily impressed with the visual impact of the set.

It has been laser-cut and hand varnished from natural woods for a vintage style finish that works well for a chess set but you’ll find it hard not to be impressed with the extremely clever board and pieces that Baeten has created to make the game of chess considerably more mobile. Check out a few more shots of Got Chess? below to see why it has left us so impressed.







If you’re a chess aficionado who wants a set that is perfect for on the go and which you can play pretty much anywhere, Got Chess? is definitely one for you and its impeccable design has left us thoroughly impressed here at Coolector HQ and it has got us wanting to play a game of chess even though we probably haven’t done so in more than 15 years.

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