Luminoodle Task Flexible Lighting

We recently covered a mighty functional piece of lighting perfect for camping called PAL on the pages of The Coolector but that excellent looking device might just have a run for its money in the versatility and performance stakes with this equally as excellent offering on Kickstarter from Power Practical – say hello to the extraordinary Luminoodle Task Flexible Lighting.

Kickstarter is a hotbed of awesome design ideas and those with a love of camping and the great outdoors are particularly well represented and this Luminoodle Task Flexible Lighting from Power Practical is one of the most innovative designs we’ve seen of late. Billed as an ultra-thin, bendable, 3,600-lumen work light which will wraps around objects, is magnetic and snakes through the places where you need light the most.

Light Fantastic

Versatility is a must when picking the lighting that you take with you on excursions out into the wild and you simply won’t find a solution that has more uses or functionality than the fantastically well conceived Luminoodle Task Flexible Lighting. Boasting an impressive 3600 lumen, you can banish darkness from any outside space or garage and it is dimmable to your requirements so you can really dictate the light levels in any area.

The Luminoodle Task Flexible Lighting is Power Practical’s piece de resistance and the supremely bendy and waterproof silicone case will effortlessly wrap around more or less any structure you need so you’ll never need be fumbling for a flashlight or stumbling around in the darkness whilst camping again. Courtesy of the incredibly strong magnet sliders, you can place the Luminoodle Task pretty much anywhere and it’s extremely easy and quick to set up so you’ll have lighting in no time whatsoever.

Lightweight and portable (weighing as little as 0.7oz), the Luminoodle Task should be one of the first things that you pack into the car when you’re heading on any road trips or camping adventures because you never know when you’ll need lighting and this delivers more than you’ll need in a jiffy. The ability to shape and snake the light exactly how you need it is sure to make it appeal and it can fill any room with natural-looking, feel-good light.

Built To Last

Needless to say, most people will be wanting to use the Luminoodle Task in the great outdoors so it’s important that it delivers on the robustness and durability stakes and, you’ll be pleased to hear, it certainly does. Crafted from strong, weatherproof materials, you’ll be able to put up this lighting in your camp whatever the weather conditions and it will not let you down come rain or shine. Combining this with just how versatile it is in terms of where it can be hung, this makes the Luminoodle Task a must have for any adventure enthusiasts.

For anyone who has been on the hunt for the ultimate solution to all their lighting requirements – be they indoor or outdoor – the Luminoodle Task Flexible Lighting from Power Practical is going to tick all of the right boxes. Functional, robust, affordable and quite simply as versatile as it gets, it’s easy to see why this has soared past its funding goal on Kickstarter and you’ve still got time to bag yours for a bargain, pre-order price now.

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