LunaR Smartwatch

Like most people, we’re mesmerised by the moon and the stars here at Coolector and anything that takes its design inspiration from our celestial neighbours is alright in our book – particularly when said product is as awesome looking as these brilliant LunaR Smartwatches which are funding over on Kickstarter right now.

The LunaR Smartwatch is described as the world’s first solar powered smartwatch and if that weren’t enough in its own right, these superb accessories also boast a supremely cool aesthetic that will make them a welcome addition to any stylish man’s wrist. These fantastic smartwatches have a classic visual profile and intelligent functionality to deliver an unparalleled performance and striking accessory that will turn heads everywhere you go.

Moon Shot

Making use of breakthrough solar technology, the LunaR Smartwatch on Kickstarter has been purpose built with designers, travellers and lovers of the great outdoors in mind and offers plenty of features that those of this mindset are going to fully appreciate. Superbly made, this amazing smartwatch is a self-sustaining and exceptionally functional wearable device that will keep you connected, up to date and on time and, better still, it will do all this without the need to plug in and recharge.

The LunaR Smartwatch has a solar dial, activity tracking capabilities and phone notifications so will keep pace with current smartwatches on the market from that perspective and if you’re after a connected watch that retains the visuals of a more traditional timepiece, this might just be the Kickstarter campaign for you. This cracking smart accessory is inspired by the moon and powered by the sun and we’re loving the look and feel of this, already wildly successful, campaign here at Coolector HQ.

With solar technology that is capable of indoor and outdoor charging, the LunaR Smartwatch’s solar panel can, with a daily exposure of as little as 1 hour (>10k LUX), harvest enough power to deliver an infinite battery life. The LunaR app lets you easily keep a watch on your current light-harvesting levels and show you the expected battery life based upon the amount of solar charge your device has.

Travel Essential

As mentioned, the LunaR Smartwatch is designed with those who love to travel in mind and it has dual time zone functionality with its built-in world clock function, it can report the time for both your current and home locations. What this means is that you can effortlessly display two time zones simultaneously on one (analog) watch, ensuring you stay seamlessly in sync with friends, family and colleagues back in your home location.

Proving extremely popular on Kickstarter, the LunaR Smartwatch is the traditional looking, technologically superior device that you’ve been waiting for and you can pick one up for a bargain price during the crowdfunding campaign. With great features like activity tracking, sleep monitoring and an excellent app keeping things ticking over, it’s not difficult to see why people have been positively snapping these watches up – make sure you don’t miss out.

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