SHEL Hammock

Hammocks are great, they’re super comfortable and get you up off the ground when you want to relax and unwind in the wild but what they don’t do, however, is protect you from the elements when the heavens open and the rain starts pouring. Well, say hello to the awesome looking SHEL Hammock which does exactly that. And a whole lot more besides.

The SHEL Hammock has recently completed a successful funding campaign over on Kickstarter and for those of you with a love of nature, specifically sleeping in the great outdoors, this is exactly the sort of accessory that needs to be stowed away for your next camping trip. This excellent piece of design is an innovative, ultralight shelter which will shield you from all weather conditions and replaces other gear you’d otherwise be taking so reduces the bulk of your camping apparatus.

Weather Repeller

Let’s face it, when heading out on hiking or camping adventures, particularly in the fall months, chances are you’re going to encounter some inclement weather at some point or other and, when you do, the SHEL Hammock will be right there to keep it at bay. This ace camping accessory from Khione Outdoor Gear has got all the makings of a must have bit of equipment for the serious campers and is purpose designed to help ensure you stay warm and dry when the weather takes a turn.

The SHEL Hammock uses a warm layer of air and unique geometry to trap this layer of air between you and SHEL to ensure it maintains the heat within and keeps you warm at temperatures between 30F-60F. It has a heat reflective interior which bounces body heat that you’re losing in freezing temperatures back at you and a high loft goose down which significantly ramps up both the comfort and warmth of this cracking camping accessory.

Importantly, the SHEL Hammock is extremely straightforward to set up and strong enough to hold all your gear whilst you’re out in the wild. It will work with any single or double hammock effortlessly and provides an unparalleled level of protection against the elements which will ensure you enjoy your outdoors adventure whatever the weather. Weighing just 20 oz and compressible to 1.9L, this superb bit of camping kit is surprisingly roomy and will effortlessly accommodate any sleeping style so you’ll always be comfortable.

Window To The World

When camping in some extraordinary wilderness terrain, you want to always be able to see what Mother Nature has to offer and the SHEL Hammock facilitates this through windows which you can unzip from the inside which let you see the glorious natural surroundings and also regulate the temperature within. Wonderfully robust and hardwearing, this top class bit of camping equipment was a roaring success on Kickstarter and it’s easy to see why this was the case given the versatility it provides.

If you’re planning camping and hiking excursions over the next few months and want a lightweight and durable sleeping solution that will keep all of the elements in their place i.e. off you, then this awesome piece of design from Khione Outdoor Gear needs to be the first piece of kit in your backpack.

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