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The pen is mightier than the sword as they say and we think that’s definitely true of this rugged looking writing instrument from a Coolector favourite, Machine Era Co, and for those of you looking for the ultimate in pens for your note taking, this will unquestionably tick all of the right boxes.

We all use pens on a daily basis, even in a world dominated by technology, so you’re going to need something that will last a long time and never let you down from a performance point of view and, having perused the traits of the Machine Era Co Pen, it certainly looks as though it is the prime candidate for the job.

Crafted from solid brass, this striking looking instrument is as resilient as they come and this provides a hefty weight to it that makes it all the more awesome. With a Pilot G2 cartridge ink delivery system, your penmanship is going to get a shot in the arm and for any chap who wants to get a pen that is a cut above protruding from their shirt pocket, we’ve no hesitation whatsoever in recommending the Machine Era Co Pen. Take a look at a few more shots below:

pen-white-petina pen-white-hand-closed


With no inserts or moving parts, this pen from Machine Era Co, with it’s solid steel outer, really is built to last and will make sure you don’t experience any unwanted ink leakage with a threaded cap. We love all the wares that emerge from the Machine Era Co workshop here at Coolector HQ and this spiffing pen is certainly no exception.

Price: $34

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