Marvel Vs DC Superhero Chess Pieces

Let’s not beat around the bush, chess isn’t the most enthralling of pursuits. Sure, it’s tactical and what have you but I think we can all agree, it could do with jazzing up a bit from an aesthetic point of view and that’s why we’re championing the cause of these rather awesome looking Marvel Vs DC Superhero Chess Pieces which will make for a much more entertaining version of one of the most popular board games out there.

Crafted by Entertainment Earth, these super cool chess pieces will add a good deal more nerd to your chess matches and if you’re a fan of the Marvel and DC franchises then you, sir, are in luck because all the main players from both have been chosen to represent different pieces found on the chess board. You’ve got the likes of Iron Man assuming the role of bishop and Deadpool being your pawn and we’re big fans of the thought of making chess more visceral with these great looking pieces. Take a look at a few more shots below:




We’ve probably not played chess for a good 20 years or so here at The Coolector but if anything is going to draw us back in then it will be something like these brilliant looking Marvel Vs DC Chess Pieces from Entertainment Earth. For those of you with a love of both chess and comics then this is likely going to be a dream ticket. Some pieces are available now and the others are taking pre-orders.

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