Machine Era Co Titanium Multi Tool

There’s no escaping we’ve got our favourites here at The Coolector and Richmond, Virginia, based brand Machine Era Co are certainly one that falls into this bracket so whenever they’ve got a new product to shout about, that’s invariably exactly what we do. And it is no exception with their latest offering, the Machine Era Co Titanium Multi-Tool which they are funding through a Kickstarter campaign which, as you might expect from a purveyor of such awesomeness, has blaster past its target in less than a day.

The Machine Era Co Titanium Multi-Tool is likely to have already propelled itself onto most men’s everyday carry list through sight alone as, as you can patently see, it looks awesome but it isn’t just aesthetically where this excellent little accessory excels, it also boasts an unparalleled level of functionality which will make it an essential addition to any chap’s keyring.

This superb looking bit of kit from Machine Era Co is a versatile, sleek multi-tool that has been born from the brand’s perennial desire to create objects that are both beautiful and functional and this piece undoubtedly delivers on both fronts. It offers the requisite tools that a man is likely to require for most everyday tasks and each one boasts a Philips head screwdriver, flat head screwdriver, 1′ rule, bottle opener, finger grip and a pry wedge for good measure. Check out a couple more shots of this amazing looking implement below:






All man should have the tools at their disposal to carry out everyday tasks that are likely to crop up and we’ve never seen the opportunity to do so better delivered than through this excellent Machine Era Co Titanium Multi-Tool. Resilient, stylish and supremely functional, it has all the makings of a must have piece of every day carry for today’s modern man and if you’ve liked what you’ve seen, you’ve still got plenty of time to throw your support behind the project over on Kickstarter and get your hands on one for a great price.

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