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Given our unparalleled ineptitude in the world of DIY and how utterly unskilled we are with our hands here at Coolector HQ, we always have time for those who are a good deal more skilled than us and that’s certainly something that can be levelled at Japanese craftsman uhu02 who has managed to make some genuinely stunning models from nothing more than paper and his own artistic capabilities.

The level of detail that goes into the models from uhu02 is nothing short of astounding and if you’ve the nimbleness of finger and patience to endeavour to create some of his breath taking creations for yourself, you’ll be delighted to hear that the selfless fellow actually has the templates for his models available to download for free from his website (point to note: it’s in Japanese so will require repeat clicking on every link you see until a download begins most likely).

We’re in awe of the fact uhu02 can create some painstakingly accurate reconstructions of all manner of machines and vehicles with paper and the likes of Star Wars and lunar landers have come under his purview when going about his magnificent creations. Take a look at a few of our favourite creations from uhu02 below:








Though we’re bereft of any artistic bones in our body here at Coolector HQ, we’re always on the lookout for those considerably more gifted than us and uhu02 will undoubtedly fall into that category. His paper based creations are truly a sight to behold and the fact that he also provides the templates for each of his creations online merely serves as the icing on his extremely visually impressive cake.

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