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Let’s face it, of all the men in history that had impressive beards, vikings are chief amongst them so it stands to reason to name a brand that focuses on beard grooming products to take their inspiration from the Nordic marauders. Mad Viking Beard & Moustache Company are an American purveyor of first class men’s grooming products which are made from the finest ingredients in order to ensure your Valhalla worthy beard always looks its best.

Mad Viking Beard & Moustache Company is the brainchild of the impressively bearded, Jason Sealand and Jason Hall, who has made it a place dedicated to the love of all things bearded and all things Viking. All their products are crafted with quality and value in mind and you will not find a higher quality product for your beard, rooted in actual science and truth. All the Mad Viking oils, balms, shampoos, conditioners and waxes have been designed with the overall health of the user and their individual and unique qualities of their hair and skin in mind.

Check out a few of our favourite wares from the guys at Mad Viking Beard & Moustache Company below:

Black Label Society Beard Oil & Balm Combo – $40

This excellent looking beard oil is a special collaboration between Black Label Society and Mad Viking Beard Company to commemorate the 20 Year anniversary of Black Label Society’s debut release “Sonic Brew!”. This custom made Beard Oil and Balm has everything that you’ll need to keep a state of metal-ness in your beard, and each one comes to you in a custom tin and bottle! Crafted with premium, natural ingredients and boasting a unique scent profile created specifically for this release.  The Black Label Society Oil & Balm is a must have for all the metal heads out there. ($40)

Mad Viking Odin’s Rök Shampoo & Conditioner – $13-$25

Mad Viking Beard Co are understandably delighted with their salon quality Odin’s Rök scented shampoo & conditioner which will give your Thor-esque locks a lustrous sheen. While using the very best ingredients on the market to offer a product that cleans thoroughly without stripping out your natural oils, it’s the branding that really catches our eye here at Coolector HQ. Using this shampoo and conditioner leaves your hair softer, cleaner and feeling fuller. Mad Viking Odin’s Rök Shampoo & Conditioner is PH balanced for maximum effectiveness and safe for everyday use on your head as well as your beard. This first class shampoo and conditioner is also sulfate and paraben free. ($13-$25)

Mad Viking Tattoo Balm – $19.99

Let’s face it, most men with viking quality beards are probably going to have some Norse inspired tattoos as well and that’s why the guys at Mad Viking Beard Co offer an awesome tattoo balm to sooth your inkings. It is infused with the finest all natural ingredients which are important in a tattoo balm because these will help encourage faster healing to the tattooed skin and s superior colour protection to make sure your tattoo remains looking its best. Don’t trust your precious ink with just anyone – heal the the skin you’re in with this excellent Mad Viking Tattoo Balm. ($19.99)

Ragnarok Mad Viking’s Beard Wash – $13

Ragnarok Mad Viking’s Beard Wash™ (sulfate free)(paraben free) delivers a thorough, top to bottom clean and conditioning experience for your beard all in one fantastic product. Providing a deep, all natural sulfate free clean, with a rich, conditioning finish for a soft, moisturized face and beard, you’ll wonder where this beard wash has been all your life. Balanced for the skin’s pH between 4.5 to 5.5 Contains naturally-derived conditioners that help prevent excessive stripping of the beards natural oils. Provitamin B5 improves hair elasticity and softness, which helps prevent breakage. Aloe and Jojoba softens and soothes the beard and skin. Viking beard tested and approved. ($13)

Mad Viking Coffee Brew Soap – $6.50

Coffee is like fuel for beards so you’ll probably want to sit up and take notice of the Coffee Brew Soap from Mad Viking Beard Co. This is just not another average bar of soap and Mad Viking have carefully designed their soap to gently cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, and condition your skin and hair while making sure that they use nothing but the best all natural ingredients. Therefore, giving you healthy skin and an epic beard, Odin himself would be proud of. Mad Viking Coffee Brew Soap goes great with Mad Viking’s Blodorn beard oil and balm as well. ($6.50)

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