mahabis Classic 2 Slippers

Conventionally speaking, slippers are purpose built to be worn around the home but this does limit the usefulness quite considerably so it’s great when brands like mahabis come along and dare to think outside the box a little to create something a good deal more functional. mahabis Slippers are, put simply, slippers that you can wear anywhere and it is this increase level of versatility that really does set them apart from the competition and make us want to get our hands on some here at Coolector HQ.

Mahabis Slippers come in a number of different styles from Classic to Luxe but they all hold their versatile performance in common insomuch as they are designed to be worn both inside and out. This comes from the all new sneaker sole made from a multi-surface grip that stands up to all-day wear in a variety of environments, so you never have to take your slippers off. As you would expect from a pair of slippers, the comfort inherent in Mahabis is off the charts and the chilled out vibes that positively exude from everything that they create is plain to see. Prices start at just £69, so you’ll be pleased at how just little it costs to deliver your feet the ultimate in comfort and understated style.

Pride in Innovation

Mahabis are a brand that pride themselves on their innovative spirit. and they constantly strive to seek perfection in the everyday. They boast a strong belief that it can be the smallest, most trivial of details, that can alter a mundane experience into a treasured one and this is an ethos which pervades all their excellent slippers and apparel. There is a deep respect for heritage and a love for the new in their design sensibilities which take inspiration from a universal aesthetic, steeped in heritage. When you lay eyes on their products, you experience something timeless.

Simplicity and minimalism is the name of the game with Mahabis Slippers and their understated nature helps add to their versatile performance. All the products from this first class lifestyle brand are simple and functional, but strive for a unifying and universal aesthetic. To achieve this, Mahabis design towards an endless reduction until they discover something that no longer needs the complexity of explanation and this is exactly what you get with their fantastically stylish and comfortable footwear.

Put simply, Mahabis offer revolutionary slippers which have been designed for the 21st century. They’ve rebuilt the humble slipper from the ground up, through a combination of innovative techniques and materials that deliver unparalleled comfort, to create a slipper like nothing else on the market. Their slippers are inspired by scandinavian design, and their minimalist range of footwear is carefully designed to be worn both indoors and out.

Top Class Materials

There is a clear dedication to quality and attention to detail that goes into each pair of Mahabis Slippers and they only work with the best materials available. Whilst each collection is slightly different, all Mahabis slippers currently offer a contoured foam insock, collapsible neoprene heels and tpu soles and all these elements combine to create what is almost certainly the most comfortable slipper anywhere on the market.

Boasting a highly pleasing price point, excellent choice of materials and a wonderful amount of comfort, it really isn’t difficult to see why Mahabis slippers are proving so popular all over the world. Offering the versatility of being able to wear both inside and out, this cracking collection of footwear really is up our street here at Coolector HQ and given our love of all things comfortable, we’ll certainly be investing in a pair or two sooner rather than later.

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