SJA III Cabana

There is something very appealing about owning a cabana on a beach but, let’s face it, a shack might not quite cut the mustard, we’re thinking something more like this stunning SJA III Cabana from Mexican architecture firm, CDM. Their skilled team of designers have embedded a beachfront cabana and swimming pool into a rugged hillside which is overflowing with vegetation and boasts stunning views out onto the Pacific Ocean.

The SJA III Cabana from CDM can be found hidden away in a rocky hillside in the small town of San Juan de Alima, on the western tip of Mexico. It doesn’t impact upon the beautiful landscape, and both the cabana and swimming pool are designed to feel like part of the natural landscape of the site, which is covered with thick vegetation, and meanders down toward a beach and the Pacific Ocean.

Unbeatable Views

It’s not everyday that you come across a structure that delivers mesmerising views of the Pacific Ocean, much less one that fits in so seamlessly with its surroundings as the SJA III Cabana. This glorious piece of architecture from CDM has a unique, unconnected roofing structure of a palapa (Erlich Bachman would approve) which was redesigned into a cover that would extrude from the mountain itself out in the direction of the ocean, while the water of the swimming pool was should flood the stone to generate the pool, almost in a way of a pond emerging based on the tides going in and out.

The breathtaking SJA III Cabana consists of rectangular volume topped with a thick, overhanging roof, with ivy draped over the edge from a pleasingly verdant aesthetic impact. The flat roof is designed to do more than merely provide shelter to the building and the cover is a understated space that transforms into a true viewpoint that overlooks the spectacular horizon during the daytime, and an observatory for checking out the stars at night, which is enhanced because it is so far from any artificial light sources.

When you head inside the cabana, the impressive design features just keep on coming and you’ll find a comfy place to relax and unwind whilst taking refuge from blaring sunshine that surrounds you. The eye-catching, caramel-toned wood works its way around the ceiling and walls, which provides a visual warmth to the interior. The side of the room abutting the hill is clad in stones – something which adds to the natural look and feel of this wonderfully well conceived structure from CDM.

Wooden Vibes

As you would expect from a cabana, wood features prominently throughout the design of this gorgeous structure. It has wooden cabinetry and furnishings throughout the interior spaces. On chairs and sofas, ivory-coloured cushions are combined with accent pillows in grey and gold to deliver a really soothing and welcoming aesthetic. The space is comfortable yet restrained in nature, with a nautical-themed chandelier providing the finishing touch to the design.


It has retractable walls which let the room of the cabana to spill outdoors, and let those relaxing within enjoy ushering in ocean breezes. There is a pathway that leads down to the swimming pool, which has been hewn into a rocky outcrop. Striking, multi-tonal tiles line the basin, although portions were left exposed to the rocks in order to maintain the natural look and feel of the pool.

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