Maison 630 Cardholders

Though we don’t have a Patrick Bateman-esque obsession with business cards here at Coolector HQ, this could perhaps be as a result of the fact that we don’t have an awesome storage solution for said business cards but that was before we came across these stunning little Maison 630 Cardholders which are dapper in the extreme and would leave Bateman suitably impressed we’re sure.

These Canadian brand are relative newcomers to the market having only been formed back in 2013 but Maison 630 definitely haven’t wasted any time in creating some really great looking and brilliant crafted products – these cardholders being chief amongst them. The objective of this team of artisans is to craft some unique and luxurious everyday goods but ensuring that they maintain traditional manufacturing techniques and these cardholders are a prime example of them hitting the nail firmly on the head.

Using the highest quality materials and ensuring that every item is painstakingly crafted to the best possible finish, all of Maison 630’s products will impress from an aesthetic and functionality point of view and if you’ve been on the lookout for a new home for your business cards, we’re willing to wager you’ll find few better than these. Take a look at a few of the different ones available below:




Screen shot 2014-07-25 at 10.25.07

As you can patently see, the craftsmanship that goes into all of Maison 630’s wares is unparalleled and for any stylish chap with a penchant for carrying around business cards, one of their cardholders is a must.

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