Manshausen Sea Cabins

Living by the water is something that has always appealed to us here at Coolector but just as welcome are breaks away close to the sea and we can think of few better or more relaxing examples of this than these amazing Manshausen Sea Cabins which have been expertly designed by Stinessen Architects. If you love the minimalist, Scandinavian style aesthetic with your architecture, you’ll be in your element with this first class designs which are available for short term renting.

Located in 55 acres of land, and to be found in the middle of the Grøtøya strait in Norway, just 500 meters from a small village called Nordskot. The Manshausen Sea Cabins boast a well-protected harbour, which was once an important and busy part of the old trading post Grøtøy, dating back to 1698. Whilst fish are still important to the area, other more adrenaline based pursuits have come to the fore such as kayaking, diving, cycling, climbing and summer and winter hiking and these extraordinarily well designed Sea Cabins are the perfect based for enjoying it all.

Room With A View

Albeit spectacular architecture on the part of Stinessen, the real stand out feature of these Manshausen Sea Cabins is the breathtaking views they afford anyone lucky enough to be staying in one for a few days. Surrounded by hundreds of small islands, with glorious white sandy beaches, stunning mountain ranges and to the north of the Sea Cabins, the Loftoten islands act as a protective wall to ensure the weather doesn’t give you too much of a buffeting on those windier days.

The Manshausen Sea Cabins are principally crafted from glass and timber frames and serve as the perfect base for the adventurous sorts looking to explore the sights and sounds of the Arctic Circle. These understated Sea Cabins fit in superbly well with the surrounding landscapes and were commissioned by Norwegian polar explorer Børge Ousland in order to provide eye-catching accommodation for those heading on hiking, fishing or diving trips.

It is the phenomenal cantilever design of these Manshausen Sea Cabins that is their architectural triumph and each cabin has one glazed end that projects out towards the sea, with a timber-clad end on the other side which faces toward land. Within these small but perfectly formed cabins you’ll find  two double bedrooms alongside a sleeping alcove for children with each structure capable of accommodating up to five people. Muted wooden finishes are the call of the day with the interior design which reflects the exterior cladding and each cabin’s kitchens and bathrooms boast fantastic white Corian fittings.

Scandinavian Style

There is a distinctive Scandinavian look and feel (for obvious reasons) to these Manshausen Sea Cabins and if you’re on the lookout for the ultimate in water based getaways where you can enjoy actions pursuits aplenty and take in spectacular scenery everywhere you look, you’ll certainly not go too far wrong by booking a short stay at one of these amazing cabins in Norway.

We’re huge fans of minimalistic design here at Coolector HQ and these first class Manshausen Sea Cabins are a fine example of just that and, unlike a lot of the architecture we write about, you actually do have the opportunity to experience them for yourselves. A phenomenal spot in which to enjoy the mesmerising beauty of the Arctic Circle.

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