Marathon Navigator Watches

For any man in need of a new timepiece this summer who is looking for something robust and stylish and pleasingly affordable, a top pick of ours here at Coolector HQ would be these ace looking Marathon Navigator Watches which are available from the Worn & Wound WindUp Store. Great aesthetics and uncompromising performance combine to make this a great addition to any man’s line up of watches.

The Marathon Navigator Watches from the Worn & Wound Store are available for the great price of just $288 which, when you consider the many admirable qualities and materials, represents superb value for money. Designed in Canada and crafted in Switzerland, Marathon watches are designed to meet some of the toughest MIL SPEC standards out there and, safe to say, they look great whilst doing it.

Marathon Man

It’s rare to get your hands on a timepiece of this calibre for under $300 and that’s why these Marathon Navigator Watches are flying off the shelves of the Worn & Wound WindUp Store. Even if you don’t find yourself regularly jumping from planes and undergoing rapid pressure/altitude changes, the Navigator can withstand these harsh environments effortlessly so are definitely suited to the adventure inclined.

Originally created to accommodate pilots, parachutists, and law enforcement, Marathon’s Navigator Watches ($288) still makes a fantastic addition to the everyman’s collection. Because, let’s face it, who doesn’t like a high quality, no nonsense military watch design. The Navigator’s 41mm asymmetrical case is crafted from a highly shock and sweat resistant fibre composite that keeps it lightweight and out of the way, and boasts a bi-directional 12-hr bezel for tracking a second timezone.

These Navigator Watches from Marathon are backed with a 316L stainless steel case back with easy-access battery compartment. You can pick from Black, Sage Green, or Desert Tan, each on a coordinating ballistic nylon mil strap. The case itself 13mm thick and has a matte steel push/pull crown at the 3 o’clock position that nestles in the case side, and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal up top.

Top Quality Features

The dial is understated and easy to read, and features both a 12- and 24-hour scale. Each hour marker is highlighted with an inset tritium tube that will glow vibrantly in the dark without any exposure to light, courtesy of the radioactive gas within. Encompassing the dial, you’ll find a bi-directional 12-hour bezel that can be used to count hours or track a different time zone.

Inside the case, there is ETA’s F06 high torque quartz movement with three jewels which adds a tangible sense of quality to proceedings and makes the sub-$300 price tag all the more remarkable. This reliable and uncompromising movement will tick for 5+ years before needing a battery swap, which makes it a superb grab-and-go watch for your line up. It boasts a standard hour/minute/second hand set with a date option and on the date model, you’ll discover a few extra features such as a red-tipped seconds hand the Marathon name adorning the dial.

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