Torquay House

When it comes back to laid back living, surfers seem to have it sussed and that’s the vibe that inspires Torquay House from buck&simple which is located in the surfing hotspot of Torquay, Australia (luckily not the UK equivalent). Billed as the ultimate surfing abode, this stunning piece of modern architecture is luxurious and understated in equal measure and it’s hard not to be impressed with what the architects have achieved from an aesthetic perspective.

The holiday home is centered around surfing and outdoor pursuits and it has been cleverly designed to accommodate single stayers and groups of 20 alike. Torquay House from buck&simple Architects boasts a design that plays off of the geometric nature of positioning three different-sized structures together. A large house, a small house, and an entertainment deck enclose a central courtyard to deliver a truly all-inclusive atmosphere throughout the property.

Open Space Living

The open layout of Torquay House is such to prioritise outdoor activities, which are designed to be enjoyed in the prominent central courtyard of this striking home. This inward-reflecting layout also provides a pleasing sense of privacy, as the house is part of a larger neighbourhood layout. The living areas boast robust raw concrete block walls, a burnished concrete floor, and natural timber and copper detailing that adds a real visual impact to proceedings.

There are an abundance of windows and doors located throughout Torquay House from buck&simple which create opportunities to connect with the outdoors and any outdoor activities that might be going on in the courtyard of the home. The more private areas are accompanied by a more understated and calming material palette, which is designed to encourage guests to slow down and relax after a day at the beach.

On the outside of Torquay House, a timber screen frames a private courtyard which is where you’ll find a surf utilities area with an outdoor shower and surfboard quiver. There is a clever use of materials throughout this build and the architects have really excelled themselves with the aesthetics of this majestic looking antipodean home.

Australian Living

The surf culture is particularly prevalent in Australia of course and its a mindset which is evident throughout the design of Torquay House. We’re loving the laid back vibes it possesses here at Coolector HQ and for anyone with a love of effortlessly cool, contemporary architectural design, it will be right up your street as well.

Australia is home to some extraordinary architecture and you can certainly add Torquay House from buck&simple to that list. There is an undeniable attention to detail to the design which really makes it stand out from the crowd and we’d love a laid-back stay at this spectacular surf inspired property here at The Coolector.

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