Marloe Lomond Chronoscope Watch

We like to think we’ve got somewhat of an eye for watches here at The Coolector and when we come across those as aesthetically pleasing and technologically capable as this Lomond Chronoscope Watch from the Marloe Watch Company, it really is hard not to be impressed – especially when you consider you can currently pick one up for a bargain price over on Kickstarter.

Marloe Watch Co are no strangers to the pages of The Coolector as we featured one of their earlier iterations, the equally as impressive Cherwell watch, on our pages but it’s plain to see they’ve not been resting on their laurels and have really stepped up their game with this incredible looking Lomond Chronoscope Watch which is dripping in both impeccable style and eye-catching functionality.

Joining the Hand Wound Revolution

The brilliant looking Lomond Chronoscope Watch from Marloe is a foray into the world of hand-wound watches and you’ll soon see from its cracking specifications that it is a most welcome one indeed. This exemplary timepiece from English watchmakers Marloe Watch Co boasts a mechanical movement with a visually striking exhibition caseback that sets it apart from the competition and makes its price-tag over on Kickstarter all the more extraordinary.

The values of Marloe Watch Co are inherently linked to tradition and design and this is something which absolutely shines through in the immeasurable quality of their Lomond Chronoscope Watch. These values, in conjunction with a long-held love of timepieces, has been the catalyst for the crafting of this stunning timepiece which is powered by manual, mechanical movement and delivers an unparalleled visual appeal.

Named after one of the most well-known and loved lochs in Scotland, this spiffing timepiece from Marloe Watch Co has a “stop-watch” feature, an eye-catching ceramic bezel insert and the glorious and aforementioned exhibition case-back. With a 43mm diameter x 11mm high (13.6mm to crystal zenith), 46.6mm tip-to-toe and has a 22mm strap-width, it sits nicely on the wrist without any hint of being ostentatious and has an understated look and feel that definitely appeals to us here at Coolector HQ.

Vintage Appeal

There is a distinct vintage appeal to the Marloe Lomond Chronoscope Watch that is sure to make it appeal to traditional horology aficionados and comes in 4 colour-ways, divided into Classic and Vintage aesthetics. If you find yourself in the “classic” camp,  there’s a White and Grey dial, both with a Telemeter scale matt ceramic bezel. And those of a more Vintage mindset, there’s a Coffee and Vanilla dial with a simple 60 second scale polished ceramic bezel. Whichever you choose, the aesthetics and performance really are second to none.

It is the movement of this stunning timepiece that is the real jaw-dropper however and you’ll discover a Seagull ST19 movement which has a rich and interesting history within the world of horology and provides an exceptional performance in terms of accuracy. Amazing features abound with the Lomond Chronoscope Watch from Marloe and if you’re after an exceptional timepiece that doesn’t cost the earth, there is still plenty of time to get behind this project over on Kickstarter.

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