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Most of us are mighty proud of the areas and cities in which we live and want to find ways to celebrate this fact and for those with love of stylised artwork, there can be few better ways of doing this than these cracking Grafomap Posters which lets you create and order your own custom map prints of an area in the world which means a lot to you and we’re loving the level of customisation on offer here at Coolector HQ.

Grafomap are a team of talented designers based out of Latvia with a love of all things geography and topography and this is something that positively shines through in all of their posters. For those of us who love to personalise our workspace or homes in general one of these fantastically conceived Grafomap Posters will definitely tick all of the right boxes.

Love Where You Live

Whether it’s London, New York or any other city in the world that you’re looking to capture in your Grafomap Poster, you’ll be delighted with the stylised nature of the design and the bold visual impact that it delivers but in an understated manner that doesn’t overwhelm the space you choose to deploy it in. Though Grafomap are based in Latvia, their superb posters are printed and delivered from their printing studio in Los Angeles and their quality are second to none.

Boasting an online editor, Grafomap lets you design the place you love and even lets you hone in on it by searching by address. Once you have found the ideal location for your print, you can then pick a colour scheme that will add even more personality to your interior. There’s something about maps and topography that really adds a sense of visual gravitas to any room and you’ll not find many out there delivering artwork of this nature better than the guys at Grafomap.

As lovers of this type of artwork here at Coolector HQ, it was inevitable that Grafomap’s wares would resonate with us here at The Coolector and for anyone looking for this sort of geographical inspired design to bring life to their workspace, the quality is exemplary and you’ll be able to really customise your print in a number of different ways including adding filters like pop-art and making it more minimalist.

First Rate Design

Such is the diversity of the way towns and cities are mapped and the ability to create designs from almost any country imaginable, there is a real sense of quality with these cracking posters from Grafomap and for those who want to capture their own little corner of the world or any favourite spot of theirs, this really is the perfect way of doing it.

Grafomap are a brand we’ve got a lot of time for here at Coolector HQ because they spend a lot of time ensuring the quality of their prints and anyone who has an interest in geographical inspired artwork will be in their element with their amazing editor tool which lets you create a piece that is unique to you and the location that you choose. Superb design and exceptional quality. Two thumbs up from us here at Coolector HQ.

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