Marshall Speakers “Hit The Road” Collection

Now that summer is well and truly upon us, most people’s thoughts will turn to road trips and adventures out into the wild or to the beach. With that in mind, now is the perfect time to get your hands on a top quality portable speaker for your journeys and you’ll not find many better than the Hit The Road Collection from Marshall Speakers. Consisting of three different designs, each with portability their key feature, you’re sure to find a device that fits your lifestyle and budget.

The Marshall Speakers Hit The Road Collection boasts the Tufton (£349), the Stockwell II (£219) and the Kilburn II (£269) speakers and they all have a compelling performance and first class audio technology throughout which will make them the ideal beach or road trip ally this summer. This fantastic series of portable speakers from Marshall are built for the open road and have a robust persona which is ready for any adventure.

Sound Performance

Whilst portability is the prime feature of the Hit The Road collection it doesn’t achieve this at the expense of audio performance and these speakers deliver some 20+ hours of portable play time on a single charge so they will be right by your side on any camping trip, beach excursion or road trip adventure. All of the speakers in the range have a battery indicator on the top panel to let you keep track of the battery life at a glance and each speaker has a strap inspired by guitars to make them even more portable and user friendly.

The Marshall Speakers Hit The Road Collection have something for everyone’s audio listening pleasure and will provide the finest possible performance whilst out and about on the road or camping trips. The calibre of the performance is second to none and each one of the speakers in the line up delivers multi-directional sound that is achieved through advanced components like Class D Amplifiers and custom tuned drivers. This will ensure that you get nothing but bold, powerful audio across all frequencies.

Through the use of Bluetooth ® 5.0 technology, these excellent speakers from Marshall provide a highly versatile performance that can be combined with most of your music playing devices and apps. Wireless music play is a must for any portable speaker and this cracking collection from Marshall provides this with aplomb. The robust, roadworthy design makes these speakers ready for anything and this comes from experience of being on tour and on the road for years and they have put this know how into their speaker design to make sure they’re ready for anything.

Water Resistant Design

Another stand out feature of the Tufton, Stockwell II and Kilburn II speakers from Marshall is the fact they all boast an impressive water resistant design which means they’ll not let you down when you’re hitting the beach this summer or get caught in an unexpected rain storm. With prices starting at just £219 for the Stockwell II, these portable speakers needn’t break the bank and regardless of which you opt for, you’re getting a top quality audio device.

Marshall know what they’re doing when it comes to audio equipment and enhancing the portability of their devices is something that has long been desired amongst their eager fans. They have delivered this wonderfully well with this Hit The Road Collection of speakers and if you find yourself in the market for some awesome audio devices this summer then look no further than this stellar line up.

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