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With spring and summer (technically) on the horizon, the time is now to turn ones attention to a new pair of sunglasses and if, like us at Coolector HQ, you’ve grown weary of ill-fitting, easily broken sunglasses then you might just want to turn your attention to this Indiegogo campaign from Ombraz because they take away what you would expect is a key component of any pair of sunglasses and deliver a much more functional, robust result.

Ombraz Sunglasses are handmade sunglasses which don’t break, won’t fall off and never cause headaches – so they’ve immediately got a number of advantages over most pairs of sunglasses on the market. These excellent accessories from Ombraz are funding on Indiegogo right now and through eliminating sidearms, screws and hinges, Ombraz have solved some of the most consistent problems experienced with eyewear.

Sunny Disposition 

Quite unlike any other pair of sunglasses that you’re likely to encounter, these ones from Ombraz don’t break, they won’t slip or fall off whilst wearing them and offer more comfort than any sunglasses you’re likely to have ever worn. The super-lightweight and ultra-comfy custom cord which holds them in place whilst wearing them blends in effortlessly with the frames and feels like you’re wearing nothing at all. Ombraz Sunglasses are equipped with world-class, polarized Zeiss lenses to help ensure you’re equipped for bright day to day adventures.

There is an environmental reason to want to get your hands on a pair of these Ombraz Sunglasses on Indiegogo as well because with each pair bought, they will plant 20 trees to ensure they remain a carbon negative product. They have been designed in Seattle and each pair has a premium, handmade acetate frame, a built in adjustable cord and exemplary polarised Zeiss nylon optics for the ultimate in sun protection.

Ombraz Sunglasses have already doubled their funding target on Indiegogo and this is testament to the fact there is a big market for great looking and top performing sunglasses that are built for adventure and those living an active lifestyle. The fact they will always stay in situ regardless of what you’re doing immediately sets these sunglasses apart as the vast majority of other pairs on the market will fall off at the slightest invitation.

Unparalleled Comfort

The fact you no longer need worry about your sunglasses falling off makes them a much more comfortable solution for those looking for the ultimate active lifestyle accessory. Ombraz Sunglasses have so much more durability than the norm as there are no pressure points that will often lead to conventional style sunglasses snapping but by eradicating these issues, Ombraz have delivered a strong, stylish solution to your sunglasses requirements.

Funding on Indiegogo now, these Ombraz Sunglasses have definitely turned our heads at Coolector HQ and whilst they may not be to everyone’s liking given their unconventional design, those who live active, full-on lifestyles who want a pair of sunglasses that can keep up, then look no further than these excellent accessories from Ombraz.

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