Marshall Stockwell Portable Speaker

When it comes to speakers and audio equipment, few brands are more synonymous with quality than that of Marshall and for those of you currently in the market for a portable speaker on which to enjoy your favourite tunes, the great looking Stockwell Portable Speaker from Marshall has definitely got more than its fair share of ticks in the “positive” column.

The Marshall Stockwell Portable Speaker is unquestionably built for a life on the road and is the smallest travel speaker to date from this top notch audio accessories brand. The eye-catching design is what we’ve come to expect from Marshall and the Stockwell doesn’t disappoint from a performance point of view either.

Lightweight & Stylish

You never need have any concerns surrounding the aesthetic side of things when it comes to Marshall products as they invariably look great and the Stockwell Portable Speaker is no exception. It is also incredibly lightweight and weighs in at a mere 1.2kg which makes it the ideal accompaniment for any road-trip or wander out into the wild because it barely weighs a thing and won’t take up any unnecessary space like a lot of speakers out there.

Boasting rechargeable lithium-ion batteries which are built directly into the Stockwell – a fact that gives it a thoroughly impressive 25 hours of playing time. In addition to the top notch battery life, the Stockwell Portable Speaker from Marshall also has a handy USB port that allows you to charge your devices when you’re on the go which will definitely appeal to the tech obsessed individuals out there who need their devices juiced at all times.

The Marshall Stockwell Portable Speaker delivers from a specifications perspective as well and you’ll find two 2.25” woofers and two Class D amplifiers, which combine to make this first rate speaker the loudest in its class. Volume, bass and treble can be easily altered quickly and easily with the retractable analogue control knobs to be found on the top of the speaker. It’s not just for listening to your tunes, however, the Stockwell also makes phone calls  a breeze as you merely tap the phone button on the control panel to answer, or tap it again to end a call.

Ultimate Travel Ally

If you’ve got some travelling adventures lined up this spring and summer and have been on the hunt for the perfect portable speaker to bring along for the ride, you can call off the hunt as you’ve found it in the form of the Stockwell Portable Speaker from Marshall. Exceptionally lightweight and boasting a most impressive performance indeed, this Bluetooth enabled device delivers all the features and specifications that you’ll need for the ultimate in audio experiences.

Technologically accomplished and visually superior, the Stockwell Portable Speaker delivers where it matters and this impeccably stylish and affordable piece of audio apparatus has propelled itself to the top of our gadget wishlist here at Coolector HQ, that’s for sure.

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