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Looking after one’s beard is an integral part of keeping it looking sharp and if you don’t have the right products at your disposal, chances are the beard police will be at your door for mistreating your facial ally. With this in mind, we can’t help but be impressed with the cracking selection of wares from the fellas at Merry Band Beard Grooming Supplies and for any man after some well made, brilliantly branded product for their beards, look no further.

Merry Band Beard Grooming Supplies were established back in 2014 and are the brainchild of Tom Rowlinson, an artist and designer with a penchant for beards, who saw an opportunity to deliver top notch products that don’t cost the earth but do provide your beard with all the support it needs on the rocky road to becoming a fully fledged facial colossus.

Groomed to Perfection

There are a lot of grooming products out there today for men with beards, largely because most men now sport beards but not all of them are as well crafted as the impeccable range of product from Merry Band Beard Grooming Supplies. All of the recipes for the products – which include the likes of beard oil and balm – are all painstakingly developed using excellent ingredients with a great more than a modicum of trial & error until they’re honed to perfection and deliver the perfect beard performance.

All the beard balms and oils from Merry Band are small batch and made by hand so you know that you’re getting freshly made wares that have got your beard’s best interests at heart. The oils have been carefully tested to make sure they are properly absorbed into the beard and provide exactly the right sort of nourishment and protection that your facial fuzz requires.

With the beard oils from Merry Band available in truly impressive numbers and flavours including the likes of Bay Rum, Pine Forest and Lime and Peppermint beard oils, you’ll have one of the freshest smelling beards out there if you opt for these cracking oils and we’re big fans of the small, handcrafted nature of all the products from the guys at Merry Band Beard Grooming Supplies here at Coolector HQ.

Born to Beard

Whilst not all of us can grow beards of the same epic proportions, we all need to treat them right whether they be big or small and these great beard grooming products from Merry Beard are definitely a good place to start. Beard oils should be an essential part of the routine of any bearded fellow and the sheer wealth of options on offer from this UK based purveyor of beard based awesomeness really is second to none.

Merry Band Beard Grooming Supplies are exactly the sort of brand that we’re firm advocates of here at The Coolector as they aim to produce small batch wares with a real emphasis on quality as opposed to mass producing lower quality beard oils that simply don’t have the same impressive results as what’s on offer here. Definite two thumbs up, and a happy beard, from us.

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