Trailkeg Growler

We love a good growler, here at The Coolector, but we haven’t written about many. Recently, though, we discovered the TrailKeg Package from American travel keg pioneers, TrailKeg. If you love a tasty craft beer straight from the tap, this is definitely your cup of cold beer.

You know the feeling; you’ve just scrambled up Helvellyn in the seldom-seen British sunshine; your mouth’s dryer than Jim Carey’s in Me, Myself, and Irene, and you crave a nice, cold beer, but all you have is your half-empty bottle of warm-ish water. There’s no better way to celebrate such feats than with a fresh, bubbling bevy, but lugging a few glass bottles up the side of a mountain isn’t very practical. Who you gonna call? TrailKeg.

Beer O’Clock

The TrailKeg package keeps your beer cool for an entire day, and carbonated for weeks, according to TrailKeg’s website. It comes with the TrailKeg lid, which can be used with other compatible (depending on size and thread) growlers, the TrailKeg Gallon growler, tap, and dual stage Co2 regulator – everything you need to keep your beer cool on the trail.

It’s simple to use, too; just pour your ice cold beer from your tap (if you’re lucky enough to live in a boozer/have a bar in your house) or bottle, straight into your TrailKeg Growler. Then, making sure the lid’s screwed on tightly to keep those bubbles bubblin’, pop in the regulator – setting the PSI to whatever you desire, then attach the tube/tap, and it’s ready to pour. If you’re a seasoned pint-puller, you’ll have no issues here – if you’re not, you better get practicing, if you want to impress your walking crew.

The TrailKeg Package is one of TrailKeg’s smaller bottles, with a capacity of 64oz, which holds quite a lot of beer. It comes in one colour, black, but you can opt for different taps; a picnic tap or a chrome tap. It’s a lovely looking bit of kit – matte black with TrailKeg’s “sexy” laser engraved logo, topped with shiny taps. The growler itself is made from double-walled stainless steel, too, for ultimate insulation.

We’ll Drink To That

We’re all about beer here at Coolector HQ so whenever we come across brands that love it as much as we do, that’s always rewarding. Trailkeg are definitely a brand after our own hearts and if you’re the sort that likes to enjoy some of your favourite beers when out in the wilderness, this cracking growler is the one for you.

TrailKeg are so confident in the quality and genius behind their products, that they even offer a free, 30-day returns policy and one-year warranty on all of their products, stating “you love your TrailKeg or we give you your money back. It’s that simple”. We’re backing that sentiment, here at Coolector HQ, too – who wouldn’t want to be able to carry 64oz of beer with them at all times?! It’s available now from the TrailKeg website at a steal of a price – we’ll drink to that.

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